RodeoChat Interview: New Clothing Line Lost Cowboy


11 Questions with brand NEW clothing line – Lost Cowboy

RodeoChat: So how did Lost Cowboy get started?

Lost Cowboy: Started as a simple concept of getting back to basics.

RodeoChat: Okay! You mentioned getting back to the basics.. What do you mean exactly by that?

Lost Cowboy: Getting back to a time where a handshake meant something, and getting back to traditional American values.

RodeoChat: How long has Lost Cowboy actually been around for?

Lost Cowboy: The concept started about 2 years ago, actually formed to what it is about 7 months, hit the market week ago.

RodeoChat: Wow! Congrats. How hard is it to get a new clothing line going, and known around the world? Maybe give us an insight to what you did to make your new clothing line hot and how you planned your first week on the market?

Lost Cowboy: Great experience but tough. Sponsorship, marketing and to commit to provide a product 100% made in USA.

RodeoChat: You guy’s have PRCA Saddle Bronc rider Jace Angus on your team to help get the name out. What’s it like working with Jace?

Lost Cowboy: We couldn’t have selected a better individual to represent our brand! It’s great to have him part of the team.

RodeoChat: So we have to ask.. What’s Jace’s favorite Lost Cowboy shirt to wear down the rodeo trail?

Lost Cowboy: It’s a tie he has 2.. Ride For the Brand and I am America! Makes him feel proud in the arena!

RodeoChat: Just curious.. Did PRCA Saddle Bronc Rider Jace Angus lend a hand to help design any of the shirts?

Lost Cowboy: Jace did have a hand in some of the designs! Ride for the Brand is actually Jace on a Bronc a year ago! Tonight only, we’d like to offer a signed shirt for those interested. Here’s the details on how to purchase a Signed shirt from Jace Angus: l and when you make your purchase mention rodeo chat in the comments box!

RodeoChat: Just curious.. What is the hottest item that y’all sell on your site?

Lost Cowboy: Ride for the brand and the Ladies Design shirts.. But all shirts are selling well!

RodeoChat: Before you sit down to design a shirt.. How do you come up with the design you want? Do you get inspiration from music, quotes, rodeos or bullridings?

Lost Cowboy: Funny, actually Lost Cowboy Code shirt was as simple as drinkin’ a beer and looking at a movie box and seeing the rating stamp!

RodeoChat: That’s pretty wicked! So what are some of your goals with Lost Cowboy this year?

Lost Cowboy: Bring back true American ethic, principles and values.. Solidify the true importance of buying American products.

RodeoChat: Amen to that! So where can we see y’all setup at on the rodeo trail this summer selling your items?

Lost Cowboy: We are currently working on that schedule now. Visit our website under Events to stay in tune where we will be next 

Paige Gregory

RodeoChat Host & Founder







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