RodeoChat Interview: PRCA Saddle Bronc Rider – Cole Elshere


10 Questions with PRCA Saddle Bronc Rider, Cole Elshere:

RodeoChat: What’s a typical day in the life of Cole Elshere like?

Cole Elshere: Well today we rode horses all day putting bulls with the cows.

RodeoChat: Are these your own bulls and cows or were you just helping out a friend on his ranch?

Cole Elshere: They are my cattle mixed in with my dads.

RodeoChat: Now let’s talk some saddle bronc riding.. How’d you pick up what they call the “saddle bronc riding fever” ?

Cole Elshere: I watched my cousins Ryan and JJ ride broncs when I was little and just wanted to follow their lead.

RodeoChat: At what age did you get on your first bronc, and what was it like riding for your first time?

Cole Elshere:  I got on 2 barebacks when I was 11, and a bronc for the first time when I was 13. I was very nervous.

RodeoChat: How did you do on your first bareback and bronc? Did you last for 8? Did the horse go crazy in the bucking chutes?

Cole Elshere: I did not make the whistle on any of them. Haha, they were colts they were as scared as I was.

RodeoChat: Now your riding with the big dogs.. What steps did you take to reach the “pro” level?

Cole Elshere: I rode at every level growing up and after going to college I felt prepared to hit the pro trail.

RodeoChat: What was the first pro rodeo you ever entered? Also, do you remember the horse you drew?

Cole Elshere:  Went to Lincoln Nebraska and got on war wagon of mossbruckers. Did not fair too well.

RodeoChat: So I hear you’re gonna be in a movie about Casey Tibbs. Care to share more info?

Cole Elshere: I get to portray Casey Tibbs in a documentary film. I get to do some acting and mostly stunts assuming knowing Casey’s story.

RodeoChat: Wicked! So have you ever been in a movie before or is this your first big acting role?

Cole Elshere: This will be my first acting experience since grade school plays haha.

RodeoChat: Nice! So what’s one wicked bronc you do not want to see your name next to?

Cole Elshere: Billings of rafter G been on him 4 times. 2 buck offs and rode him twice broke my hand one of the times I rode him.

– Paige Gregory –

RodeoChat Host & Founder



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