25 Questions with Twin brothers Billy, and Ray Cobler down the rodeo trail

Tonight on RodeoChat we mixed things up a bit! We decided to interview Twin Brothers Billy Cobler, and Robby Cobler at the same time! Check out a day in the life of the Cobler Brother’s RodeoChat interview below:

Billy Cobler

PicMonkey Collage

RodeoChat: How did you pick up the rodeo bug?

Billy Cobler: A good buddy of mines dad rode bareback and I thought it was cool so I watched it. Next thing I know I’m on a plane to Casper and getting on some bucking horses.

RodeoChat: Wicked! What was your buddy’s dad’s name & what part of the ride caught your attention first?

Billy Cobler: Richard Wade. It caught my attention on how wild it was. I knew instantly it was something I had to do.

RodeoChat: For sure! So when you flew to Casper & got on your first buckin horse.. How was it? Did the horse act up at all?

Billy Cobler: Yeah, the horse acted up. It was pretty intense they were all young colts. My first horse actually fell on me.

RodeoChat: Holy Smokes! What went through your mind when all that happened?

Billy Cobler: I don’t remember my first 5 rides to be honest it’s all a blur. It all happened really fast.

RodeoChat: Totally understand! You also picked up bull riding to, correct?

Billy Cobler: Yes, all I do is ride bulls now. A bad hand surgery kept me from riding bareback I tried right-handed & couldn’t pick it up.

RodeoChat: I see. So how is your bull riding career going for you?

Billy Cobler: It’s going great actually when I can stay healthy. I finished 9th in my region 4 bull riding after only going to 3 rodeos due to me being injured.

RodeoChat: What are your goals you want to reach in your bull riding career?

Billy Cobler: My goal is become the PBR world champ. It might take me a few years because I’m trying to get an education and college rodeo.

RodeoChat: How do you balance college and bull riding? I bet it’s super hard!

Billy Cobler: It’s difficult at times but most my teachers are really cool and help me with my busy schedule.

RodeoChat: How many days a week do you go to school, and how many days a week do you practice bull riding before you hit up an event on the weekend?

Billy Cobler: I go all 5 days and am taking 15 credits a semester. I usually get on 3-5 practice bulls a week before the weekend.

RodeoChat: So what are you majoring in?

Billy Cobler: My major is welding. Once I complete that I plan to major in farm/ranch management hopefully that will only take a year.

RodeoChat: Nice! So tell us some of your FAV bulls that you’ve had the chance to get on?

Billy Cobler: I got on a bull named Flashbang. He bucked off guys like Brendon Clark, Cord McCoy. Pretty cool bull I think.

RodeoChat: That’s pretty awesome! So who are some of your traveling partners you travel with to bull ridings?

Billy Cobler: I have traveled with Tyler Kijac before he went back to Michigan. Now Tyler Donnelly and Tyler Sterner for the summer.

RodeoChat: Gotta love Tyler Kijac! Do you plan to hit up some velocity PBR TPD events with Tyler this summer?

Billy Cobler: Yeah he’s a good bud of mine we are always seeing how each other are doing. Yes, I do.. I just need to make some more money so I can catch up with him since he’s a little while away from me.

RodeoChat: So tell us something totally random about you that no one knows about.

Billy Cobler: Well I love bull riding so much I cut my cast off last week after only being in it 2 weeks 4 a broke arm/wrist so I can ride this week. Don’t want family/coaches/doctors knowing. I got rodeo on my mind and am excited for this summer.

Robby Cobler


RodeoChat: How did you pick up the rodeo bug?

Robby Cobler: Late in high school buddies of mine were really interested, so i got interested and entered up in a rodeo school!

RodeoChat: Tell us about this Rodeo School you entered! Where was it & whose school did you enter?

Robby Cobler: It was Sankey rodeo school in Casper, Wy. I got entered in bareback riding with larry sandvick the instructor.

RodeoChat: So how many bareback riding schools did you attend before you got the hang of it & hit up the professional level?

Robby Cobler: I’m still training to become better, I’m nowhere near where I wanna be in rodeo! Kelly timberman has been helping me a lot. Kelly, came to the college for three days for a bareback riding school! He put me on some workout plans and helping me through the phone.

RodeoChat: Gotcha! So tell us about the rodeos your currently riding in right now.

Robby Cobler: Now I am living with some close friends a saddle bronc and bull rider in Montana and we are going to NRA rodeos through the summer.

RodeoChat: Not bad! So do you travel down the rodeo trail with your roommates or do you travel with someone else?

Robby Cobler: Yes with my roommates! We will be in Conrad this weekend then Gardner for NRA. Then down to Casper to watch the bull riding at the college national finals.

RodeoChat: How cool is that! So what are your goals you want to reach in your rodeo career before the end of 2014?

Robby Cobler: Goal this summer is to qualify for the NRA finals, and more importantly get on more and more bucking horses you learn as you ride.

RodeoChat: So tell us about some of your favorite bucking horses you’ve been on.

Robby Cobler: Off the top of my head Red eye rodeo of Kaehls had some good ones, and j bar j horse #943 all lizard a stud-horse he owns. All the horses i get on though teach me something about the sport!

RodeoChat: Okay! So what about a special event you had the chance to ride at that stood out from the rest?

Robby Cobler: I don’t really know right now! I haven’t been to any major events yet! I hope to be riding good enough soon to go too bigger events.

RodeoChat:  I see! So how many events do you usually ride at a year?

Robby Cobler: I’m not quite sure, right now we plan on going to everything we can go to! We practice quite a bit also!

RodeoChat: Let’s say you have a bad day at the rodeo.. How do you motivate yourself back up to keep Chasin your dreams?

Robby Cobler:  I count on my traveling partners! We live together and push each other daily! We have a bucking chute out at the house. We also work together we do everything for each other i can always count on them.

RodeoChat: That’s what’s up! So you gotta tell us a fun rodeo story.

Robby Cobler: Well i was having a bad rodeo myself but I got to watch my traveling partner take first at a college rodeo riding his long and short go bull followed by our team-mate my twin brother Billy Cobler taking second by also covering both bulls! Not my coolest story but it was a good day for our bull riders and my best buddies!

– Paige Gregory –

RodeoChat Host And Founder



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