10 Questions With PRCA event Rodeo De Santa Fe June 18 -21st


RodeoChat Interview: Rodeo De Santa Fe

RodeoChat: How did Rodeo De Santa Fe even begin?

Rodeo De Santa Fe: Rodeo de Santa Fe started in 1949 by a group of men including Roy Butler, Austin “Slim” Green, Gene Petchesky, Paul Ragle. They had a dream and determination to organize a professional rodeo in Santa Fe, NM. 65 years later the efforts of their dreams still exists as an annual Professional Rodeo.

RodeoChat: Wicked! Has Rodeo De Santa Fe always been a PRCA Sanctioned event?

Rodeo De Santa Fe: Yes, Rodeo De Santa Fe has always been a pro rodeo. Now it is part of the PRCA and prior to that the RCA. We also have the WPRA event of women’s barrel racing at our rodeo.

RodeoChat: So do the original members of Rodeo De Santa Fe still attend the event till this day & do they compete as well?

Rodeo De Santa Fe: The son of Roy Butler, Jim Butler, is the President of  Rodeo De Santa Fe. He is at every performance. Jim preps the arena with precision. Our rodeo is known for its great arena and good riding environment. It’s nice knowing Rodeo De Santa Fe is a family event that has been passed down through the generations.

RodeoChat: So what rough stock companies do you have bringing rough stock to your event this year?

Rodeo De Santa Fe: We have been using Harry Vold livestock for the past 46 years. Another family company in the rodeo biz. Harry Vold has been honored by the PRCA many times for the quality of his livestock. Known as “Duke of the Chutes”, Vold has raised some of the most acclaimed animals known to the PRCA.

RodeoChat: Do you guys know what horses and bulls he’s bringing yet or is he still deciding?

Rodeo De Santa Fe: We won’t know that until he pulls into town.Vold provides so many rodeos with their livestock and things can change day-to-day. However, we know we won’t be disappointed in the selection of livestock he brings to our rodeo Www.HarryVoldRodeo.com is a great site to visit to learn more about the Vold livestock.

RodeoChat: Totally understand! So who are y’all’s bullfighters this year & will there be any specialty acts?

Rodeo De Santa Fe: We are fortunate to have Slim Garner as our Rodeo Clown/Specialty Act this year. Sneak Peek of our Rodeo Clown, Slim Garner tinyurl.com/mnzltwhfun times for all. Our bullfighter are Luke Kraut & Clifford Maxwell who will also add to the ‘creativity’ of Slim Garner. We’re looking forward to having all of them in the arena at the same time. They’ll be there every performance June 18-21. Slim Garner carries a variety of original comedy acts that keep the crowds laughing and wanting more. You can meet Slim, Cliff and Luke at our Kick-Off party the night before the rodeo on 6/17. Pics and autographs available. Our website has the date/location for all pre-rodeo event rodeosantafe.com visit the calendar.

RodeoChat: And your rodeo announcers for Rodeo De Santa Fe are?

Rodeo De Santa Fe: We are so pleased to welcome back announcer Dan Fowlie. A true professional in every sense of the word. Dan began announcing at rodeo’s to subsidize his fees as a rodeo contestant. Dan is one of less than 150 announcers nationwide with the Professional Rodeo Cowboy’s Association (PRCA). Dan has a great connection with the audience. He keeps the performance lively and timely.

RodeoChat: The most important question of the day is.. How many people does it take to put on a Rodeo De Santa Fe event?

Rodeo De Santa Fe: Rodeo De Santa Fe, has a board of 7 members who are passionate about rodeo and plan the event all year-long. As the date of the event gets closer volunteers are placed on committees to assist on the days of the event.  The volunteer board members along with rodeo contractors and daily volunteers put the entire event on each year. With just 15 days til our event everyone is working overtime and hard to present the best rodeo possible for our audience.

RodeoChat: What are your goals for this years Rodeo De Santa Fe?

Rodeo De Santa Fe: One goal is to increase the awareness of our Rodeo as a Professional Sport and being part of the PRCA. Another goal is to preserve the heritage and history of our event in our community. 65 years is long & we want it to continue. Third goal is to increase attendance for people who travel in from neighboring states. Our rodeo warrants the trip. Fourth goal and most important….let’s have some rodeo fun! That’s what it’s all about.

RodeoChat: Last Question. Lets say you broke a ton of records this year and made headlines all over. How will you make your event Even better for 2015. Do you attend conventions for ideas or attend other rodeos?

Rodeo De Santa Fe: Each year the Rodeo Board attends the PRCA convention in Las Vegas. They have committee meetings and lots of ideas. I enjoy talking with other Rodeo committee members to brainstorm and think outside of the box for new ideas. Some board members go to volunteer help at other rodeos on our circuit to learn new things. There’s always room for improvement. Rodeo De Santa Fe is willing to grow, explore and try new things to keep our rodeo fresh. We’re looking forward to making all of the ‘headlines’ that you mentioned.

Paige Gregory

RodeoChat Host And Founder




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