11 Questions With Professional Bull Rider – Cody Tesch


RodeoChat Interview: Cody Tesch

RodeoChat: What guy’s did you look up to motivated you to become a bull rider ?

Cody Tesch: I looked up to Ty Murray and Justin McBride. I have always been motivated by Ty’s passion.

RodeoChat: Ty, has an interesting way to how he got started in the bull riding/rodeo industry. How did you get started riding in the rodeo/Bull Riding circuit?

Cody Tesch: Growing up in New Mexico I was always around bull riding and always wanted to do it. My dad was a saddle bronc rider. When I was young they tried to put me on sheep and I cried. But when I turned 13 I finally got the nerve.

RodeoChat: You got on your first sheep in New Mexico, right? So, when you passed your sheep riding days.. Did you try bucking horses or bulls first?

Cody Tesch:  I never even got on my sheep my older brother did. But when I turned 13 I went straight to bulls.

RodeoChat: What was it like getting on your first bull? And, how’d you do?

Cody Tesch: I don’t remember much, I remember hitting the ground and jumping saying “let’s do it again” the rest is history.

RodeoChat: What steps did you take to reach the “Pro” level your at today? Ex. Schools, work outs, etc

Cody Tesch: I started in high school rodeo taken pointers from as many pro guys I could, watched video, and got on as many as I could.

RodeoChat: when you entered your first “pro” rodeo/bull riding what was it like and where was it at?

Cody Tesch: My first pro event was the PBR Challenger Tour in Decatur, TX in 2009 It was amazing wet and rainy Did no good but had a blast.

RodeoChat: Did you start on the PBR TPD? Or did you enter PRCA rodeos before the pbr tpd?

Cody Tesch: In 2009 I bought my PBR permit didnt do the best. Started PRCA in 2010 & went back to PBR in 2012 after my daughter was born.

RodeoChat: So tell us about your agent. What does Chris Gunn do for you?

Cody Tesch: Chris helps handle the business side of my career but is also part of my family and constantly encouraging me.

RodeoChat: That’s whats up! So, what’s something really cool that Chris has helped you with recently?

Cody Tesch: There is a lot of new going on Recently we just teamed up with chew coffee and there is a lot more in the works.

RodeoChat: What’s your summer schedule look like? Any new rodeos/bull ridings you’ll be at this year?

Cody Tesch: PBR Touring Pros every weekend CO, AZ, and CA this weekend. As many as I can enter. I will also be helping with schools & rodeo bible camps.

RodeoChat: Before we end tonight’s chat.. What’s one of your favorite quotes you live by?

Cody Tesch: Every Champion was once a contender that refused to give up.

Paige Gregory

RodeoChat Host And Founder



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