13 Questions With Team Roper Cale Markham


RodeoChat Interview: Cale Markham

RodeoChat: Cale, your young and reckless.. Your 23, and hitting the rodeo trail pretty hard. How did you get into team roping?

Cale Markham: I was raised around it and basically had a rope in my hand before I could walk, just been a lifestyle since day 1.

RodeoChat: Crazy question.. Did you try any other rodeo event before you nailed it down to team roping?

Cale Markham: I did not, it’s been team roping since the beginning, my family was big into it even put on jackpot in the past.

RodeoChat: Okay, let’s back up a bit. Who was your mentor that you looked up to and kind of gave you tips in Team Roping?

Cale Markham: I’ve had a lot of people help me but Coleman Proctor has been my main mentor to help me get to this level.

RodeoChat: Walk us through the steps that it took you to reach that “Pro” status in Team Roping, a what it took to get your card.

Cale Markham: Started from being a fan and watching NFR on tv and dreaming about being there, heck I’m still dreaming. I went to college and got a degree before I decided to buy my card and go full tilt like I am this year. 

RodeoChat: Before you even begin to head out on the road.. How do you know what rodeos/jack pots you’re gonna enter up in? Do you have to qualify for any of the certain rodeos/jack pots your about to rope at? If so, which ones are you having to qualify for?

Cale Markham: I’m new to knowing the right entering, but my buddy team has been around for a while and makes it easy to learn. I didn’t qualify for San Antonio or Austin this year but hopefully I win enough to go next year.

RodeoChat: Totally understand! So, I’ve been noticing that a lot of team ropers on the Pro Rodeo Circuit have been switching up partners more this year, and not roping with the same partner at every event. Do you think that’s a good idea? Or do you think you should rope with the same partner all year-long?

Cale Markham: I think it’s a business just like any profession, teams will switch partners just like MLB teams will swap players ropers will switch partners to make their business better and do what it takes to be successful. 

RodeoChat: Makes total sense! So, who are you roping with down the rodeo trail this summer?

Cale Markham: I’ve just recently teamed up with Chase Tryan and I am really excited about what the summer holds for us.

RodeoChat: That’s exciting! How do you look for team roping partners? Is there a certain skill you look for?

Cale Markham: I’m pretty green to the trail, so I look for someone experienced and who knows how to help me get to that level.

RodeoChat: Right. Would you agree that team roping jack pots are good ways to connect with other Team Ropers, and maybe even finding that right header or healer you’re looking for?

Cale Markham: I would agree totally, rodeoing is the game, but the jackpots is where you find out the consistency of a roper.

RodeoChat: So cale.. You had the chance to compete at RFDTV-AMERICAN.. What was it like, and how hard was it to qualify?

Cale Markham: It was an unbelievable experience to compete at the RFDTV-AMERICAN one that well over exceeds any rodeo I’ve ever been to.. And it was a pretty long journey there, from qualifying at Odessa for Mesquite, then at Mesquite qualifying to Dallas. It was a 2 separate event qualifiers of staying focused that it took to make it happen. I feel very fortunate.

RodeoChat: Right! And your pretty new to the pro circuit too. What was it like roping with Buddy Hawkins at RFDTV-AMERICAN?

Cale Markham: Buddy Hawkins, has been a long time friend so being able to rope there with him meant a lot, we have dreamed of this ever since we was kids roping the fast lane pretending like we was roping with the big dogs.

RodeoChat: Where can all of the RodeoChat fans watch you team rope at this coming weekend?

Cale Markham: I have mineral wells, TX and Bridgeport, TX both in the early week in the slacks, but then I will be back to Oklahoma for some amateur rodeos on the weekend being in Stilwell, Ok Friday night and Owasso, Ok Saturday night.

RodeoChat: Last Question.. What’s something totally random about you that nobody knows about?

Cale Markahm: I’m freakishly good with numbers, like math for instance, I am pretty good at figuring rodeo payout before the rodeo starts. So it’s needless to say that math was by far my strong suit in school. LOL

Paige Gregory

RodeoChat Host And Founder




2 thoughts on “13 Questions With Team Roper Cale Markham

  1. Paige, thanks for liking my blog post, and yes, I’m a Texas girl. Just finishing my first book entitled “Roped”. It is for middle graders and about Texas rodeo. Look forward to reading your posts.


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