10 Questions with Wacey Munsell


RodeoChat Interview: Professional Bullfighter – Wacey Munsell

RodeoChat: What triggered your eye, and made you wanna say “Hey, I wanna try bullfighting out” ?

Wacey Munsell: I’m a third generation rodeo cowboy/bullfighter. Went with my dad. he rode & fought bulls. knew I would rodeo.

RodeoChat: Interesting! So before you became a bullfighter did you try out any other rodeo events before you decided to fight bulls full-time?

Wacey Munsell: Started riding bulls at 8 and got on my last one at 21. Started team roping some in middle school. 

RodeoChat: Right on! So the real question is.. Why did you wanna be a bullfighter and not Wanna ride bulls/rope anymore?

Wacey Munsell:  Was best at fighting. good rope horse died & didn’t have the $ for another one, still don’t lol. business decision.

RodeoChat: Totally understand! So how did you learn to become a bullfighter? Did you attend any schools? If so, which ones?

Wacey Munsell: Dad helped a lot. Self taught/Trial & error. Dad sent me to Rex Dunn’s school at 13 to see if I really wanted to do it.

RodeoChat:  So, right now in today’s time your bullfighting at some of the biggest rodeos in the world. What steps did it take you to get where you’re at today?

Wacey Munsell: Got lucky. People that dad worked with were retiring and helped me get into those rodeos. Also, being talented helped.

RodeoChat: What was the first big rodeo or bull riding that you had the chance to bullfight at?

Wacey Munsell:  Denver at the National Western in 2006 when i was 19 and am currently still there.

RodeoChat: Wicked! What’s a cool highlight that has happened to you at the National Western in Denver, Colorado?

Wacey Munsell: Was run over & as the rider was running I landed on his spur & it went through my cheek and knocked out a tooth.

RodeoChat: What would you say would be the hardest thing about being a bullfighter?

Wacey Munsell: POLITICS!!! and the road gets old when you’re by yourself.

RodeoChat: So give us a hint on what your 2014 summer schedule looks like, and any new rodeos/bull ridings you’ll be at?

Wacey Munsell: New for 2014 is Lawton, OK. Gladewater, Tx Greeley, Co Dodge City, Ks and Oklahoma City, Ok are the big ones. 

RodeoChat: What’s something totally random about you that nobody else knows about?

Wacey Munsell: Uhhh… I like cartoons. I like Disney movies. Just a big ol kid.

– Paige Gregory –

RodeoChat Host And Founder



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