11 Questions with Luke Kaufman

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RodeoChat Interview: Luke Kaufman

RodeoChat:  first off, Luke Kaufman how did you get involved in the rodeo/bull riding industry? 

Luke Kaufman: My family is all involved in rodeo. Both of my grandpa’s were calf ropers, my mom ran barrels and dad rode bulls, broncs! So it’s kinda something I grew up with!

RodeoChat: Very cool! So, what events did you compete in?

Luke Kaufman:  When I was young I kinda tried it all team roping, steer wrestling, tried riding bulls too but wasn’t any good at it!!!

RodeoChat: Okay, that leads us to our next question.. Rodeo/bull riding didn’t work out. So you decided to give rodeo announcing a shot?

Luke Kaufman: Actually music came first. When I was 16 and blew my knee out and during that time I wasnt able to ride horses or do anything. So I wasn’t able to do much that’s when I started playing guitar and I found out I was good at it. So I made that my main focus. So I had sound equipment and played concerts after all the local bull riding’s for my buddies during high school and college. My buddy Matt Merritt suggested I start announcing since I knew about bull riding and had the equipment that’s how that went.

RodeoChat: You said that your music career came first vs. Rodeo announcing. What was the very first song you learned to play at your show?

Luke Kaufman:  I played at cowboy church the first time I played in front of anyone when I was 17. I played Elvis’ “Peace in the Valley”.

RodeoChat: Now your playing shows all over the world.. What’s one venue that you played at that stood out from the rest?

Luke Kaufman: When I was 21 I went to New York City with my pal JB Mauney for the PBR and I got to play an after party with Justin McBride! That was my first time in New York and we ended up jamming until like 6 am at this place. I’ll never forget that! 

RodeoChat: Have you played in NYC since then?

Luke Kaufman: Nope haven’t been back to play I do a few bull riding’s and shows in New York state but none actually in the city.

RodeoChat: Now let’s talk about rodeo announcing.. We saw you announce SEBRA (Southern Xtreme Bull Riding Association) n you did amazing! It must be hard to stand out Out from the rest and move up to bigger a better rodeo/bull riding’s.. How do you do it & keep bettering yourself?

Luke Kaufman: I’ve been thankful enough to make some great friends that have helped my announcing career the biggest being Matt Merritt! He’s put my name out there a lot. SEBRA, had a lot to do with me in helping become a better announcer too. And now I’m fortunate to get to work PBR TPD with a bunch of great guys and those events are so much fun!

RodeoChat: What’s the hardest thing about being a rodeo announcer and the easiest.. ?

Luke Kaufman: There’s nothing hard about being an announcer in my opinion. You have a show in your hands and I love that kind of pressure. I get paid to watch my favorite sport in the world and watch my best friends make great rides and win a bunch of money. I feel like we get to promote our sport and brag on the talent of bull riders to the fans and that’s the best thing about it! 

RodeoChat: Whats your summer schedule look like? Any new places you’ll be announcing or performing at?

Luke Kaufman: This could take a couple tweets ha ha….I’m playing in I think 13 states this summer starting with NC,ND,AZ,OH,TX,MS,MO,TN! And with announcing I’m going to NE,NJ,PA,NY,MI,GA,AL and probably gonna end up lining up some shows at those events as well. Needless to say there’s no reason someone who wants to catch a show can’t catch one or at least catch me at a bull riding ha!

RodeoChat: Everyone wants to know when we can expect to hear some new music from you?

Luke Kaufman: I’m in the studio as we speak working on the next album… And it should be out this fall! 

RodeoChat: Last Question. If someone wanted to book you for a show or announce a rodeo/bull riding where’s the best place for them to contact you?

Luke Kaufman: Email or Facebook is pretty solid ways! E-mail: lukekaufmanmusic@yahoo.com Facebook: 

– Paige Gregory –

RodeoChat Host & Founder



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