9 Questions with On The Edge Rodeo Clothing Line!


RodeoChat Interview: On The Edge Rodeo

RodeoChat: How did you come up with the idea of “On The Edge Rodeo” Clothing line?

On The Edge Rodeo: I noticed a need for something new. There are so many companies that simply have cool logos and just sell clothes. I wanted to make an apparel line to represent our whole rodeo lifestyle and allow others to be a part of our company and afford a way to make money selling a line of apparel that is both fashionable and represents us all.

RodeoChat: Your so right! Have noticed that a lot with clothing lines these days. So, what came first in your line.. The logo or the name of your clothing line?

On The Edge Rodeo: The name came first. I was riding one day trying to decide what I wanted out of life and what being a rodeo competitor and realized it wasn’t just the things we did or said in the arena, it wasn’t slinging a rope to practice or riding a bucking barrel to practice, it was waking up everyday and chasing the dream of this dying lifestyle. I wanted to describe how we live everyday as rodeo fans and competitors. On The Edge was the first thing that came to mind. No certainty in our safety or security, yet we step daily into the arena of life and compete with Drive, faith and dedication.

RodeoChat: Just curious.. What rodeo events did you compete in?

On The Edge Rodeo: Tie-down roping!

RodeoChat: When you started “On The Edge Rodeo” the first thing is to stand out, and to catch people’s attention. How did you do that with On The Edge Rodeo?

On The Edge Rodeo:  I used utilized social media sites and made sure we were easily accessible and friendly to anyone that wanted to chat with us, and allow them to be a part of our company and sell our products as no other apparel company offered that opportunity. We wanted to allow the people who live and breathe this life to be the ones selling these products.

RodeoChat: That’s the way to go! So what are your goals with “On The Edge Rodeo” ?

On The Edge Rodeo: To have multiple representatives in every state and overseas by the end of 2014. We also look forward to spreading our brand to other industries and by doing so spread the word about the sport of rodeo and its athletes.

RodeoChat: That’s whats up! Spread the message, and go world-wide! So what’s the hottest seller “On The Edge Rodeo” website?

On The Edge Rodeo: Our hottest seller right now is the black and white “Drive, Faith, Dedication” shirts.

RodeoChat: You mentioned last week that your working on a new spring/summer line.. What can we expect to see “On The Edge Rodeo” Summer line?

On The Edge Rodeo: Trucker hats, tank tops, new female tops in a wider array of colors and designs, more men’s graphic t’s and button downs.

RodeoChat: Earlier you were telling us about a new promotion you have going on.. Care to tell us more details about it ?

On The Edge Rodeo: As I said earlier we are excited to allow fellow fans and competitors the opportunity that no other apparel company does. If people are interested in working for themselves and still living this lifestyle we can help! We allow them to sign up as private representatives of our company, allowing them to grow with us and share as our brand expands. They can read all about it and sign up at to start making money as they rodeo! The fee to sign up and receive the advertising materials and wholesale pricing and ordering package is typically $99.99 however as a special for tonight we are offering this amazing opportunity to anyone joining us for only $49.99. 

RodeoChat: Will you guys be at any rodeos this summer, or sponsoring anyone that is repping your line this year at Rodeos/Bull ridings?

On The Edge Rodeo: We will be at rodeos throughout the Midwest competing in tie-down roping and barrel racing! We currently sponsor a group of barrel racers from MS called Southeast Rodeo, Danielle Abbott in barrel racing and Zakk Tompkins in tie-down roping. 

P.S –  RodeoChat, will be reppin the On The Edge Rodeo clothing line down the rodeo trail this summer! Can’t wait to help spread the word about a wonderful line of clothing that will help the sport of R O D E O grow event bigger!

 Paige Gregory

RodeoChat Host / Founder



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