8 Questions with CPRA Pick-up Man Terry Leeder:


RodeoChat Interview: CPRA Pick-Up Man, Terry Leeder

RodeoChat: How did you get into the role of a rodeo pick-up man ?

Terry Leeder: Always wanted to do it. Started to go to practice pens with John Duffy and took off from there.

RodeoChat: How many practice pens did you attend before you got the call for the big shows?

Terry Leeder: I did practice pens for one winter. I started out doing High School rodeos and amateur rodeos. For the last five years I have been picking up at CPRA Rodeos.

RodeoChat: When you went to these Practice pens.. What were the basics that you learned to being a Pro. pick-up man?

Terry Leeder: How to get the cowboys off the horses safely and get the stock out of the arena safely.

RodeoChat: Have you ever tried any other rodeo events in your rodeo career or have you always been a pick-up man?

Terry Leeder: I used to steer wrestle, team rope, and calf rope. And got on a few saddle bronc horses.

RodeoChat: Just curious.. Do you ever think about saddle bronc riding, steer wrestling.. Or maybe even roping again?

Terry Leeder: No because I enjoy picking up so much.

RodeoChat: Just wanna congratulate you Terry Leeder being the first pick-up man to receive Wildrose Rodeo Association award. How did it feel being the first pick-up man to receive the Wildrose Rodeo Association award?

Terry Leeder: It was huge honor to win the WRA Cowboy of the Year award. Especially when I broke my leg hours before my first rodeo of the year, but managed to keep going without missing any performances all year.

RodeoChat: Just curious.. How many rodeos do you work at a year? Also, do you travel out of Canada as and work at other rodeos?

Terry Leeder: I do 21 rodeos, 66 performances. In Alberta, BC, and Saskatchewan. Have been asked to go to the states but haven’t been able.

RodeoChat: Last Question, What’s something totally random about you that nobody knows about?

Terry Leeder: Most people don’t know I’m a welder by trade and this is just my weekend hobby.

For those of you wanting to keep up with Terry Leeder down the rodeo trail. Be sure to check him out on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Cpra_pickupman

Thanks RodeoChat fans, and Terry for making tonight another wonderful RodeoChat!

Paige Gregory

RodeoChat Host & Founder



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