12 Questions With Professional Bull Rider – Aaron Pass

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RodeoChat Interview: Aaron Pass

Monday March 31, 2014

RodeoChat: Okay, before we begin the tough questions.. All of us wanna know what a day in the life of Aaron Pass look like?

Aaron Pass: Well I have a part-time job remodeling handicap vehicles that I love and blessed they allow me to still rodeo full-time.

RodeoChat: When you say rodeo full-time.. How many rodeos/bull riding’s are you entering up in a year?

Aaron Pass: Well I’ve never had a full year due to injuries but I love getting on bulls so I usually try to keep my weeks full.

RodeoChat: Everyone’s dieing to know.. How’d you get into bull riding? And what was the first rodeo you ever entered?

Aaron Pass: My cousin Bryan Richardson who is a 3x NFR qualifier got me started. And I think it was Ola, Tx way back in the day.

RodeoChat: What steps/struggles did it take you to reach this professional level you’re at today?

Aaron Pass: A lot of dedication and staying mentally strong. I feel like I still have a long ways to go before I reach my full potential.

RodeoChat: What do you do to stay mentally strong? A lot of bull riders today have a hard time staying strong after a bad ride.

Aaron Pass: Well a lot of us read a book called Mind Gym which is a great book for how much of an impact our mind affects our sport.

RodeoChat: You mentioned earlier that you have a long ways to go until you meet full potential? What’s full potential for you?

Aaron Pass: I want to be more consistent that’s how you become a world champ in my eyes.

RodeoChat: So you got into the rif raf the other day about JW Harris.. You rode in the PBR but got bucked off. Why aren’t you still Pushing yourself to compete in PBR TPD and be a regular on the BFTS? Don’t you think you can do it?

Aaron Pass: Yes I know I can I only went to 4 TPD events and had enough points to make the BFT but not saying that will be the case next year. At the time I felt trying to win the 100k in CBR (Championship Bull Riding) since I’m leading it was the better business choice.

RodeoChat: So have you thought about competing at rodeos/bull riding’s in other countries and making that countries finals in Bull Riding/rodeo?

Aaron Pass: I’ve never had the chance to compete in other countries but would love too! Be cool to see other talents in their own element.

RodeoChat: You mentioned the other day that you have a rodeo/bull riding hit list. What rodeo’s/bull ridings are on that list? Lol.

Aaron Pass: Rodeo Salinas is number 1 I love the buckle but Houston,Cheyenne, and Calgary if I get the chance to compete there are a few.

RodeoChat: So, how’s your summer run looking? Any new rodeos/bull riding’s your entered in?

Aaron Pass: Well my buddy Chandler Bownds is doing the entering for us I just show up and try to stay on but the summer run is awesome!

RodeoChat: Wicked! So do you stay out on the road with your family all summer or do you go back home for a few days and rest?

Aaron Pass:  I travel home when I’m able too but I have another little girl due in June so I’ll be home a few weeks for that special time!

RodeoChat: What’s something totally random about you that nobody knows about? 1..2..3.. GO! Lol

Aaron Pass: I enjoy listing to old country and drinking coffee by my outdoor fireplace at night. lol

Paige Gregory

RodeoChat Host & Founder



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