RodeoChat Interview: Henry Hatfield


13 Questions With All Around Cowboy Henry Hatfield

RodeoChat: How did you get into the rodeo industry?

Henry Hatfield: One day I wanted a horse. No one in my family ever rodeoed or anything. So I bought my first horse when I was 13.

RodeoChat: Look at you big shot! Okay, so we gotta ask.. How did you decide you wanted to rope vs. rough stock events?

Henry Hatfield: Probably because of my idol Trevor Brazile.

RodeoChat: Wicked! Have you ever had the chance to meet Trevor Brazile before ?

Henry Hatfield: Yes, I roped with him at a benefit roping.

RodeoChat: What was it like getting to rope with Trevor Brazile?

Henry Hatfield: It was pretty cool felt like I was at the NFR.

RodeoChat: What was your first roping event you ever entered, and what was it like competing for your first time?

Henry Hatfield: It was a mokan youth rodeo I was in 6th grade actually rode in the wrong box for the breakaway roping. Haha! Didn’t get a time my first year. But didn’t give up. Won my first state all around title the next year.

RodeoChat: So… All the ladies wanna know what a day in the life of Henry Hatfield looks like.. Care to fill us in?

Henry Hatfield: Wake up at 5:30 feed my horses, roping calves, and steers. Then my feeder calves. Then school, rope, and then hit the gym.

RodeoChat: Early bird gets the worm! So how’s your roping in 2014 been going for ya?

Henry Hatfield: Not bad. No good at the New Years rodeos. But been winning some at the jackpots. First high school rodeo this weekend.

RodeoChat: How do you get yourself prepared for a roping on the weekends?

Henry Hatfield: I try not to stay out and party to hard. But before I rope I visualize my run, figure out the start, and get my horse prepared.

RodeoChat: How do you decide which rodeos you wanna Tie-Down Rope at and Team Rope or maybe enter both events at?

Henry Hatfield: well I see which my header Zach Oestmann can enter. But I rope calves at every rodeo.

RodeoChat: How did you and Zach Oestmann become team roping partners?

Henry Hatfield: We both roped calves at Roy Durfeys a lot, and lived kinda close so just started roping together.

RodeoChat: So what are your team roping goals for 2014? Entered up in any wicked rodeos this summer?

Henry Hatfield:  Well i’m sitting good in state one point behind first and plan on hitting up Shawnee and nationals.  I’ll be around the Nebraska Kansas and Missouri area! Maybe make my way south!

RodeoChat: So.. You get a break from the wicked twisted road, and roping. What do you do in your free time?

Henry Hatfield:  I don’t really have any. I’m going 24/7. A rodeo dang near every weekend. But I fly fish and hunt when I get the chance.

RodeoChat: Whats the best place your fans can keep up with you down the trail?

Henry Hatfield: 

Facebook –

Instagram: hjhatfield60h

Paige Gregory

RodeoChat Host & Founder



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