RodeoChat Interview: Cody Patton


12 Questions with Up And Coming Bullfighter Cody Patton

RodeoChat: At what age did you fight your first protection match?

Cody Patton: I started fighting bulls when I was about 15, but really have taking on this career about 5 years ago.

RodeoChat: So who inspired you to become a bullfighter?

Cody Patton: I have always wanted to since I could walk, but after trying to ride bulls realized that fighting was more my style!

RodeoChat: Do you remember your first rodeo you fought bulls at? If so,what was it like fighting for your 1st time?

Cody Patton: Feeling was like nothing before, if I remember right it was at a mrca jr rodeo here in Oklahoma.

RodeoChat: So you’ve moved up quite a bit in the bullfighting industry.. Any cool highlights you’ve reached in 2014 so far?

Cody Patton: Any time I get to fight is a highlight feeling, but I have been blessed with some big rodeos an goals to accomplish this year.

RodeoChat: How do you book your bullfights? Do you attend conventions? Send rodeos your promo videos, and information packets?

Cody Patton:  No conventions, but yes send contractors promos, a recommendations, and hope you get a call to fight and work for contractor. But i’ve been blessed to have known some of these contractors/bullfighters a while that have helped get my name out for me.

RodeoChat: Any cool stock contractors you’ve had the chance to work with in your bullfighting career that stood out from the rest?

Cody Patton: I’ve done quite a few for HD and Dillon Page, which has really been the ones to help the most and Flying C Rodeo Co. 13 consecutive UPRA stock contractor of the year and fought several for Champion Rodeo Co.

RodeoChat: Heck yeah! Every bit helps. Are you strictly protection or do you participate in freestyle as well?

Cody Patton: Haha freestyle, well put it this way I’m better at protection, but don’t mind selling the show freestyling one. But, no haven’t ever entered a freestyle match. But a big possibility in the future.

RodeoChat: How many rodeos/bull riding events are you fighting bulls at this year?

Cody Patton: The exact number I don’t know but booked about every weekend from now between rodeos, bull ridings, an protection matches.

RodeoChat: Thats exciting! So is their any big rodeos your fighting at that we might know of?

Cody Patton: Actually headed to a ABBI classic this Friday in Locust Grove, an entered in Texarkana match as well, several UPRAs and some Abbi Pbr TPD, an shooting for the UPRA finals this year. Lol

RodeoChat: What’s been one of your favorite rodeos that you’ve had the chance to fight bulls at?

Cody Patton: I’d probably have to say Paris PBR TPD last year, or NTSF Protection match, just because all the talent participated against.

RodeoChat: So what do you like to do in your free time when you’re not fighting bulls?

Cody Patton: Mainly just work out, stay in shape, spend time with the family, an practice fighting getting ready for the next one.

RodeoChat: Whats a struggle you’ve overcome this year that has pushed you to that next step in your bullfighting career?

Cody Patton: This year would be getting booked up enough to go after my next step in 2015 getting my Pro Card for next year.

RodeoChat Fan Question Jeanine Leiting: Have you ever been seriously hurt protecting a rider?

Cody Patton: Oh yes, broken bones, knocked out more than I can count, ribs been out, but other than that it’s been good! lol

– Paige Gregory –

RodeoChat Host And Founder


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