RodeoChat Interview: Ricky Aguiar – PRCA Bull Rider


14 Questions with PRCA/Xtreme Bull Rider Ricky Aguiar

RodeoChat: First off, Congrats on your win in Glen Rose! How’s it feel to get a WIN under your belt this weekend in TX?

Ricky Aguiar: Thank you very much, it felt pretty good since my winter run has kinda been a rough one but things are gonna change now.

RodeoChat: What’s been the hardest thing you’ve had to deal with on your winter run? Also, what changes are you making?

Ricky Aguiar: I think one of the toughest parts has been staying funded in order to be able to go to all the big rodeos these past 2 months. Those rodeos are some of the biggest ones but also highest in fees. 

RodeoChat: Right. So do you have sponsors that help you get down the road or do you pay for everything out-of-pocket?

Ricky Aguiar: I have had a couple small sponsors that help out a little but for the most part… It’s all me that keeps me going.

RodeoChat: Sure! Seems like more & more cowboys are paying out of their pocket these days. But in the long run is it cheaper to go that route vs. Having sponsors?

Ricky Aguiar: Well it would be a lot cheaper to go down the road with a sponsor because the support they give to help you go then makes everything that you win, just more profit to you instead of having to just pay it back in expenses later.

RodeoChat: So everyone wants to know.. How did bull riding catch your attention and make you wanna give it a shot?

Ricky Aguiar: Well my dad team roped so i have always been around rodeo but i kinda went a different route and wanted to ride steers which lead to bulls.

RodeoChat: So are you a first generation bull rider in your family then?

Rocky Aguiar: Yes I am

RodeoChat: Wicked! So how does it feel to be a first generation bull rider in your family?

Ricky Aguiar: Yes it does and my family is very supportive, always have been. Plus I get to make them proud while also fulfilling my dreams.

RodeoChat: Guilherme Marchi is about to reach 500 qualified rides on the PBR BFTS. Do you think you can reach a milestone like that?

Ricky Aguiar: You know that’s a pretty awesome thing he has done and I don’t feel anything is impossible to me as long as i have strong faith on my side.

RodeoChat: In your bull riding career how many qualified rides have you had?

Ricky Aguiar: I honestly couldn’t tell ya but i know that i always better myself each year and put more and more rides together.

RodeoChat: How are you making a name for yourself out on the bull riding/rodeo circuit. Ex. How do you stand out from the rest?

Ricky Aguiar: To be honest.. I just let my riding do it and keep nodding my head and getting bulls rode. It takes time but soon they will hear my name. But I also try to uphold a good image in and out of the arena.

RodeoChat: Do you have any traveling partners? If so, who do you travel with?

Ricky Aguiar: Yes i do… I travel with Taylor Toves and Cody Dollins right now… The #WOC crew! (We Out Chea)

RodeoChat: Whats your bull riding schedule for this summer look like?

Ricky Aguiar: It’s going to be very busy! I plan to go to as many rodeos as I can until i have a secure spot in the top 15 going to the NFR.

RodeoChat: Where can we catch you riding at next?

Ricky Aguiar: I’ll be in Austin , TX Thursday and Friday and then Marshall, TX Saturday night then on to Mercedes, Texas for the extreme bulls and rodeo next week…and many more.

RodeoChat: What’s something totally random about you that nobody knows about? It can be anything.. Haha

Ricky Aguiar: Well I’m actually a pretty good dancer but too shy to do it most the time lol. Well I mean to rap music… I’m pretty good with my foot work ha!

To keep up with Ricky down the rodeo trail check him out on some of his favorite social media sites:



– Paige Gregory –

RodeoChat Host And Founder


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