RodeoChat Interview: Casey Deardorff


9 Questions with PBR,PRCA, Road To The Horse music director Casey Deardorff:

RodeoChat: How did you get introduced to the rodeo/bull riding industry?

Young Gun Sound (Casey Deardorff): After a failed attempt at being a bull rider a buddy of mine who mixed the Mesquite Rodeo asked me to fill a few times for him.

RodeoChat: Interesting! So when you filled in for your buddy were you doing music at the bull riding?

Young Gun Sound (Casey Deardorff): No, Mesquite was the first place I ever mixed, he asked me because i had given him a bunch of music I downloaded in college.

RodeoChat: So, the first time you mixed at bull riding you were hooked..What kind of equipment does it take to provide music at a BR?

Young Gun Sound (Casey Deardorff): yes I was absolutely hooked! When I fly i only take laptops, mixer, 2 hardwire mics, 1 wireless and all the chords to plug-in.


RodeoChat: Sounds simple! How do you get picked to mix at rodeos, and bull ridings all around the world?

Young Gun Sound (Casey Deardorff): Producers, committee’s, and associations hire who they want and then they will contact the individual and get a contract.

RodeoChat: Righto! So how many rodeos/bull ridings/road to the horse events do you mix at a year?

Young Gun Sound (Casey Deardorff): I mix around 40 events a year.

RodeoChat: Nice! Where do you get your music at for all of these rodeos/bull riding/ road to the horse events?

Young Gun Sound (Casey Deardorff): iTunes because its perfect quality.

RodeoChat: Gotcha! Do you have to have a certain kind of license to play these artists amazing music at the events you mix at?

Young Gun Sound (Casey Deardorff): The associations we work for have blanket coverage for the music license.

RodeoChat: How do you stay current with the Rodeo/Bull Riding music industry?

Young Gun Sound (Casey Deardorff): It’s a full-time job finding it, checking the charts, people always text us good music especially contestants.

RodeoChat: What’s the hottest song out on the rodeo/bull riding circuit right now?

Young Gun Sound (Casey Deardorff): Golden Rocket by Hank Snow.

To follow Casey Deardorff (Young Gun Sound) down the rodeo/bull riding trail check him out on his favorite social media sites:




– Paige Gregory –

Host/Founder of RodeoChat


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