RodeoChat Interview: Gary Gilbert – PRCA Steer Wrestler


16 Questions With PRCA Steer Wrestler Gary Gilbert

RodeoChat: How did you get into Steer Wrestling? Was it a rodeo event you grew up on watching as a kid?

Gary Gilbert: Had a friend I grew up with going to Allen goods steer wrestling school. I’m a bigger guy and it seemed to fit me. I rode bulls until I was 13 in little britches and youth rodeos. I can’t really say it was a passion until I got involved. I’m Very competitive and I strive to be the best.

RodeoChat: You mentioned that you went to SW school to help kick-start your career. What all goes on at a SW school?

Gary Gilbert: I actually helped kick off an annual Steer Wrestling school this winter with dean stermer & todd suhn. The school starts as any with fundamentals and practice dummies that show you to learn before live action, little safer. 

RodeoChat: Wow! So when does Dean, and Toff’s Steer wrestling school start and when does it end? Just in case if any other Steer Wrestler’s wanted to attend?

Gary Gilbert: For anyone wanting to attent Dean Stermer and Toff Suhn’s Steer wrestling school next year.. Here are the details: 

December 27-29 3 days of dummies, live cattle, and jumping off horse! The Steer Wrestling school is in Mckinney, TX just north of Dallas, TX!

RodeoChat: Just curious.. Having young motivational instructors helps a lot. But, do y’all think you can make Steer Wrestling as big as Bull Riding one day?

Gary Gilbert: No, I don’t think it can reach the bull riding. As bull riders draw some crowds for the bulls winning by bucking off. However, I think rodeo as a sport can reach what the PBR has done with strong support, marketing & strong leaders.

RodeoChat: Very true! So how did Steer Wrestling go for ya in 2013? And what changes are you making in 2014 to make it to the NFR?

Gary Gilbert: It was Decent. I made the all American finals and Texas circuit finals & placed at both. The largest change i made is with a great friend Dean stermer we’ve both motivated each other to hit the gym more and stay optimistic. Rodeo is very mental. We feel if you want to be a professional we should train like one and push each other. 

RodeoChat: absolutely! So your goal is to make the NFR this year. What rodeos & what kind of method are you taking to make that goal?

Gary Gilbert: Yes it’s a goal! Last year I got caught up in going to every rodeo and ran out of rodeos to count for world standings. Thus this year I’m picking and choosing What I go to in the winter and spring to ensure qualification later in the year. 

RodeoChat: Oh? So how do you know what rodeos to attend that count towards the NFR?

Gary Gilbert: I think everyone has their own theory but You get to count 70 rodeos therefore rodeos with 2 rounds are a plus and if they are 1 round.. They need to pay over $1200 on average as it takes about $60k to make the NFR but that’s my theory and I’m making it work.

RodeoChat: Different strokes for different folks! So.. You had this weekend off to gear up for the trail tomorrow. Where are ya headed next?

Gary Gilbert: I’m headed to San Angelo, TX wed & thurs slack! Friday I fly to FL for dade city and Kissimmee.

RodeoChat: Righto! So gotta ask.. In your Steer Wrestling career what’s the fastest time you’ve gotten a Steer down?

Gary Gilbert: I’ve been 3.2, There’s not a lot of time to think when your any kind of 3 in the steer wrestling.

RodeoChat: Alright, now here’s the tricky question.. Have you had any injuries in your Steer Wrestling career? If so, how many?

Gary Gilbert: I had knee surgery in 2011 tore my ACL MCL & meniscus, that’s pretty much the only injury thus far I’ve been blessed. I rehabbed it hard & listened to Dr’s. I wore a brace 4 a year and haven’t worn one since Working out every day makes it feel sharp.

RodeoChat: Amen! So what kind of horses do you use at Steer Wrestling events? Ex. Paints, Quarter Horses, Roans.. Etc

Gary Gilbert: Majority quarter horses. Steer wrestling horses need to accelerate fast, run hard, & be big enough to carry 200+ lbs on their side.

RodeoChat: Exactly! How many horses do you usually take out on the road with you for Steer Wrestling events?

Gary Gilbert: I actually don’t own a horse Dean Stermer bought my horse when I had knee surgery I ride his or other friends horses. Dean, and I practice a lot together as we both believe in the same thing thus i also get to practice on his horses. Usually there are 2 Steer Wrestling horses and a hazing horse sometimes 3 or 2 of each pending on how long we’re gone & going.

RodeoChat: So you have some fans that wanna keep up with you down the rodeo trail.. What’s the best Social Media site to keep track of you at?

Gary Gilbert: I’d say Twitter. As RodeoChat shares rodeos across the country and i do my best to keep everyone updated and optimistic. 

Gary Gilbert’s Twitter Page:

RodeoChat: Last question.. What’s something totally random about you that nobody knows about?

Gary Gilbert: That’s tough I’m a pretty open person, I give a lot of credit of success to What I’ve lived as my dad passed at 13 and mom at 24. I’ve been Very blessed with great friends Like Dean Stermer and both parents never told me I couldn’t do something. Therefor, I approach life with an I can do attitude. .. “whether you say you can or can’t” You’re right. 

Fan Question from Amber Bentley (@AmberBentleyPR) on Twitter: Going back through, you rode bulls as a kid, why the change to steer wrestling?

Gary Gilbert: My dad passed when I was 13 he hauled me to rodeos. Also I got bigger about the same time so I didn’t rodeo for a bit.

Fan Question from Amber Bentley (@AmberBentleyPR) on Twitter: Sorry. Do you think ones any safer than the other (seems you’ve done well to stay mostly injury free)?

Gary Gilbert: I had success at both. I’d say steer wrestling is safer but i’ve had friends get seriously injured at both.

Paige Gregory

Host and Founder of RodeoChat


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