RodeoChat Interview: Tyler Kijac – Professional Bull Rider and Professional Bullfighter


14 Questions with Professional Bull Rider & Professional Bull Fighter Tyler Kijac

RodeoChat: When you saw Bull Riding for the first time in your life.. What was the first thing that came to mind?

Tyler Kijac: I was 3 weeks old at my 1st rodeo, my parents said I slept through the whole rodeo and woke up during the bull riding so Id say was pretty interested and hooked at a young age.

RodeoChat: When you saw bullfighting for the first time what was the first thing that came to mind?

Tyler Kijac: I thought it was crazy at first. I wasn’t interested until I broke my riding arm and had to sit out. Instead of sitting out i fought bulls in a practice pen to stay involved. Turned out I wasn’t bad at it.

RodeoChat: So getting hooked on bull riding the first time you saw it, and taking a crazy risk fighting bulls while injured Has opened quite a few doors for you? Could you agree?

Tyler Kijac: Absolutely! Honestly was the only good thing that came from breaking my arm!

RodeoChat: You have that motto ” Take a Risk To Chase Your Dreams” going on. So, the real question is.. How many sacrifices did you make for your bull riding and bullfighting career?

Tyler Kijac: Well I risked everything, I mean I had to put my personal life on hold and focus on rodeo. We took my college Money at a small age and used it to get up and down the road and hopefully earn a scholarship to college. Dad couldn’t afford to send me through college and take me to Jr. rodeos. We took the gamble. It worked out well, I got a full ride rodeo scholarship to Northwest College in Wyoming! So yeah I took many risks!

RodeoChat: Wow! And your only 19, right?

Tyler Kijac: Yup! 

RodeoChat: At such a young age you have been through so much. What are some of the hardest struggles you been through Wether it be your bull riding/bullfighting/personal life that would shock people that you overcome.

Tyler Kijac: Everyone goes through struggles especially in this sport and honestly the hardest things to overcome Haven’t been physical, because I always knew I would come back from my injuries and return to doing what I love. To me the biggest struggle is mastering your mind, believing in yourself.

RodeoChat: Okay, last crazy sad question.. What’s the craziest BullRiding/bullfighting hang up you’ve been in?

Tyler Kijac: I got my spur caught in my handle and drug around by my foot about a lap around the arena!

RodeoChat: Yikes, that sounds painful. Hopefully you weren’t out of commission for to long. Anyways, tell us about your agent Chris Gunn.

Tyler Kijac: Honestly he’s the best thing that’s happened in my professional career! I suggest all young Guys to get an agent to handle the business side of things so you can focus on just riding bulls.

RodeoChat: So just for fun, and it’s close to Valentines day.. What’s it take for a girl to impress you?

Tyler Kijac: Shes just got to be loyal and willing to support me and my dreams in making it to the top! 🙂

RodeoChat: What’s your dream valentines date? Could be anywhere in the world.

Tyler Kijac: Taking a horseback ride in a far away pasture full of bucking horses out in Wyoming!

RodeoChat: Last Question.. Tyler, What’s something totally random about you that nobody knows?

Tyler Kijac: Hmmm I am scared of snakes…. Terrified!

RodeoChat Fan Question from (@Country_Tuf) on Twitter: What’s your worst injury while bull riding and then how did you get through it and keep your head up?

Tyler Kijac: Broken shoulder-blade and broken ribs, I just stayed positive and surrounded myself with good friends!

RodeoChat Fan Question from (@Country_Tuf) on Twitter: What would you be your dream job besides bull rider/bullfighter?

Tyler Kijac: I really enjoy producing rodeos and raising bucking bulls! I could do that for a living!

RodeoChat Fan Question from Katie Dixon (@Katie_Dixon157) on Twitter: I wanna know how Chris found Tyler. Lol, Tyler’s from Michigan and Chris is in Texas….

Tyler Kijac: One day, I was watching Jory Markiss’s video blogs and he mentioned Chris Gunn, so I FB stalked Chris! LOL. So I e-mailed Chris and told him about myself. Next thing I know I get an E-mail back saying he liked my story and my determination! Here we are Feb. 10th, 2014 and were a team! 

For those of you wanting to keep up with Tyler Kijac down the rodeo trail, be sure to follow him on his favorite social media sites:

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Instagram – Tyler_Kijac

Also, be sure to check out Tyler’s sponsor helping him out down the trail!

That’s a wrap for this weeks RodeoChat Interview folks! I hope you all have a wonderful week, and an amazing Valentines day with your loved ones.

Paige Gregory

RodeoChat Host & Founder


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