RodeoChat Interview: Professional Bull Rider – Tommy Erxleben


13 Questions with SEBRA, PBR TPD, CBR bull hand Tommy Erxleben

RodeoChat: What sparked your fire to give bull riding a try?

Tommy Erxleben: My Dad rode bulls so I pretty much just grew up around it and wanted to follow in his footsteps.

RodeoChat: Interesting! Did your dad teach you all of the rules of bull riding or did you attend any bull riding schools?

Tommy Erxleben: He pretty much taught me everything I know and I grew up idolizing Ty Murray so I was always watching videos of him.

RodeoChat: You mentioned that you grew up watching Ty Murray.. So, Have you ever had the chance to meet Ty yet?

Tommy Erxleben: I’ve seen him around a few times but never got the opportunity to actually meet him!

RodeoChat: So we gotta know.. If you had the chance to Meet Ty, and ask him one question.. What would it be? Lol

Tommy Erxleben: would probably ask him what kind of training he did or just anything that I could do to better myself to becoming a champion!

RodeoChat: Those are some good questions to ask. Tommy, you just finished up at the SEBRA finals in TN! How did that event go for you?

Tommy Erxleben: Not the best finals for me! I got a little beat up in round 1 maybe cracked a few ribs an bucked down in round 2.

RodeoChat: Major ouch! How did you push yourself through the pain to get on in the next round?

Tommy Erxleben: When riding injured I always just try an block out the pain and stay focused on what I came there to do!

RodeoChat: A lot of bull hands ride in 2-3 rodeo/bull riding assocs. How many assocs. will you be riding in this year?

Tommy Erxleben: This year I’ll be riding in SEBRA, PBR and try my hand for the first time in the CBR!

RodeoChat: Making a name for yourself in the bull riding industry can be tough sometimes. So, How did you build up your fan base?

Tommy Erxleben: I just always try an stay positive an love helping the younger generations of riders so the sport of bull riding can continue to grow.

RodeoChat: We have been getting a lot of messages from bull hands on how to get through a struggle in their bull riding career. What’s the best Advice you can give a bull rider that’s going through a hard time down the trail?

Tommy Erxleben: That’s def a part of bull riding but you just have to stay positive and work hard to make yourself better and stay focused on your goals!

RodeoChat: It’s all on how hard you push yourself to that next step. Where are you riding at next? Where can we see you ride at this year?

Tommy Erxleben: I’m entered up at the PBR in Toledo, OH next and my goal is to make the cut to the PBR BFT series! I will be riding a lot of the TPD Series until I make it to the PBR BFT!

RodeoChat: Your going for that TV status in 2014.. Which do you think you’ll make it first on.. CBR or PBR? lol

Tommy Erxleben: Well I’ve had success with the PBR in the past so I’m thinking that will be first!

RodeoChat: Work hard, play hard! So, What’s something totally random about you that none of your fans know about you?

Tommy Erxleben: Hmm well during the week I work a full-time job climbing and cutting down trees lol. Keeps me busy and in great shape!

RodeoChat: Where can we all keep up with you down the trail to your bull riding events? Ex. Twitter, Facebook etc.

Tommy Erxleben: Twitter is probably the best way but I also have a FB fan page!



– Paige Gregory –

RodeoChat Host/Founder


2 thoughts on “RodeoChat Interview: Professional Bull Rider – Tommy Erxleben

  1. He forgot to mention that when his dad was riding the bulls when he was real young he was riding the sheep, that was his interdiction to bull riding.. Tommy is my first born grandson..

  2. Glad to see you gettin to where you’re goin, buddy!! If you ever make it out to the East Coast (Baltimire/D.C.), let me know… It’d be cool to catch up! Keep up the hard work!!

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