RodeoChat Interview: SRA Bull Rider – Trey Collins



21 Questions with SRA Bull Rider Trey Collins

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SRA: Southern Rodeo Association ( )

RodeoChat: Trey, how did you get into Bull Riding?

Trey Collins: I wasn’t raised around it. I always went to rodeos when I was little. After chemo I just wanted to do something outgoing.

RodeoChat: Wow! That’s a pretty big risk to take right after chemo. Did the treatments push you harder for that risk into Bull Riding?

Trey Collins: Yes. Going through that really makes you understand that you don’t live forever. I’m glad I did it though. I love what I do.

RodeoChat: Some of our RodeoChat fans are wondering.. What type of cancer did you have?

Trey Collins: I was diagnosed with testicular cancer at 20 years old.

RodeoChat: Such a young age! When you were in the hospital going through the treatments what motivated you not to give up Bull Riding?

Trey Collins: God only gives his toughest battles to his strongest solders. I was raised to never be afraid to follow your dreams.

RodeoChat: How long have you been riding bulls in Southern Rodeo Assoc. For? Also, do you ride in any other assoc.?

Trey Collins: Only in the sra since the beginning of the 2014 season. But competed in a lot of jackpots around home.

RodeoChat: What’s it like riding on the SRA tour?

Trey Collins: SRA is the oldest rodeo in the south. A lot of history behind it. It’s an honor. There isn’t a nicer group of people.

RodeoChat: You went through some hard times in your life. How did you get over the battle of doing drugs?

Trey Collins: It’s never easy to have to tell your momma you’re battling addiction. Because of her I’m still here.

RodeoChat: Would it be safe to say your mom is your Role model & your biggest fan in the stands?

Trey Collins: Without a doubt! It doesn’t matter if I score a 90 or bo in 2 secs. She always tells me she’s proud of me. I love that woman.

RodeoChat: What are some major accomplishments you’ve had in your bull riding career?

Trey Collins: I covered and won a rodeo close to my house. My whole family was there. I’ve won bigger but hearing them cheer was amazing.

RodeoChat: Right on! Do you remember what rodeo it was at?

Trey Collins: Stampede at the park williamston North Carolina.

RodeoChat: Congrats! Trey, what’s some of your goals for 2014?

Trey Collins: To keep riding earn some more money and get ready to do it all again in 2015. Of course I want a bigger stage for 2015!

RodeoChat: Any new exciting rodeos you’re entering in this year that you haven’t rode in before?

Trey Collins: The old ford rodeo is the world finals of North Carolina. I’m more than excited for that one to come around.

RodeoChat: When is that rodeo?

Trey Collins: February 21-22. Right around the corner

RodeoChat: What’s something totally random about you that nobody else knows?

Trey Collins: Y’all are gonna laugh but I am the biggest Taylor Swift on the earth haha!

RodeoChat: Where can your fans keep up with you down the rodeo trail via social media?

Trey Collins: Either on twitter or Facebook. I’m not a private person and I’ll love to talk to anyone that wants to listen.



Fan Question From Mark Coburn (@letitbuck12) on twitter: Hey Trey! I was wandering did you ever get to ride Hey Vern? If so, how was it to ride bull of the year 2013.

Trey Collins: I have not been lucky enough to draw him yet. But I’m hoping that day comes soon.

Fan Question From Mark Coburn (@letitbuck12) on twitter: When I rode I used a lot of rosin, do you like it heavy or light and how do you think that helps you?

Trey Collins: I use a lot also. When I burn my rope I want my glove to hardly not be able to let go of the rope.

Fan Question From Mark Coburn (@letitbuck12) on twitter: Where is home?

Trey Collins: Home is enfield North Carolina. We have 4 stop lights, a hardee’s and two gas stations.

Fan Question From John Ellis (@RodeoTimeEllis) on Twitter: What was the deciding factor that made you say “i want to do this for a living” ?

Trey Collins: My entire life I’ve just bounced all around. Rodeo is the only thing just feels so right to me. I have the best job.

Fan Question From John Ellis (@RodeoTimeEllis) on Twitter: What is your biggest goal you would like to achieve other than a world championship. Because that’s a givin.

Trey Collins: The biggest goal I want is to inspire people. I want them to say I didn’t give up because of you.

Fan Question From John Ellis (@RodeoTimeEllis) on Twitter: If you could do one thing a week to help you career. What would it be?

Trey Collins: Medicine ball drills. They are easy and help your mechanics a lot.

Paige Gregory

Host and Creator – RodeoChat



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