RodeoChat Interview: Outlaw Bull Rider – Colt Hensel

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Outlaw Bull Rider – Colt Hensel

RodeoChat: Bull Riders.. The rock stars of Rodeo. Do you think that statement seems fitting in today’s industry?

Colt Hensel: No not necessarily. Lol.. I know just as many steerdoggers/barebackriders/bronc riders that seem to fit that profile ūüôā

RodeoChat: Fair Enough. So what sparked the bull riding vain in your body that said “Hey take a risk and ride bulls” ?

Colt Hensel: Growing up riding horses and watching rodeos. I loved it, even though my family doesn’t rodeo. We had a small ranch/farm and¬†I was always getting on anything that would buck..

RodeoChat: Was bull riding the first rodeo event you tried or did you try another event first?

Colt Hensel: It was my first, I was fifteen. Borrowed my moms car and drove to Troy Meeches (MNStockContractor) place to ride practice bulls.

RodeoChat: So tell us.. Colt What was it like getting on your first bull for the first time?

Colt Hensel: Well lil bit of a blur.It was just a calf & he lost footing and fell over on me.But that was it for me I enjoyed it.

RodeoChat:¬†It’s safe to say that you get off on the pain? Lol.¬†

Colt Hensel: No not at all. I like being healthy lol. I mean a little pain isn’t bad for anybody but I wouldn’t say I get off on it.

RodeoChat:¬†Gotcha! Bull Riding isn’t easy, and sometimes it leaves ya banged up. Have any crazy hang ups happen recently?

Colt Hensel: Yea it is. Most recent injury was a separated shoulder in October. Other than that been feeling good!

RodeoChat: Some of your fans may not know this about you.. But, you also work a day job in the oil field? How do you manage that & ride bulls?

Colt Hensel: Well lol.. I usually only work out here in the winter and hit up as many as I can close to home during those months.. Then leave in the summer.

Fan Question Gman Norby (@gmannorby) on twitter: Is the bigger the bulls feet the more they want to stomp a guy?

Colt Hensel:¬†oh most definitely… Lol

RodeoChat:¬†We’ve noticed a lot of bull riders lately are riding in more than one assoc. How many assocs. do you ride bulls in?¬†

Colt Hensel:¬†well I try to enter PBR TPD¬†first for a weekend but ill go to anything. But i don’t know throughout the year maybe 8-10… But¬†I don’t have cards in all of them ya know.

Fan Question from Gman Norby (@gmannorby) on twitter: Are bulls really fire-breathing killers?

Colt Hensel: Yes ūüôā

RodeoChat:¬†That’s a great way to get your name out on the bull riding/rodeo trail. Has it helped with building up your fan base?

Colt Hensel:¬†I wouldn’t consider i have a fan base! I meet a lot of badass people and make great friends! Lol I don’t have fans!¬†But yea I’d say the more you are on the road the more people here your name.

RodeoChat: Makes sense.. So, tell us about this clothing line you have going on called “uno” ?

Colt Hensel: It’s just something me and some pard’s thought up awhile back that kinda stuck. Sell some hats and working on shirts..¬†Its something that maybe in the future id like to do more with. Its fun.

Fan Question from Gman Norby (@Gmannorby) on Twitter: Describe the hell women your ok traveling rig.

Colt Hensel: Well it runs off whiskey and buckle rabbits and breaks down a lot..

RodeoChat:¬†Perfect! Can’t go wrong with a shirt an trucker hat. So what’s something about you that would surprise us?

Colt Hensel: Um I’m doing this twitter-view in a hotel bath tub…will that work..

RodeoChat:¬†Can’t go wrong with a western outlaw bubble bath. You’ve worked hard all day.. Kick back & relax. Woo!¬†Had a blast interviewing you tonight Colt. Hope you have a great kick off to 2014! Happy trails outlaw bull rider ūüėČ

Colt Hensel: thanks! had fun! Good luck to every Cowboy/Cowgirl this year! Thanks again RodeoChat!

– Paige Gregory



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