Professional Bullfighter – Lelo Garcia


12 Questions with Professional Bullfighter – Lelo Garcia

RodeoChat: You left Utah to chase a dream fighting bulls.. First stop was Idaho, and then you went back home.. Then Texas. How did you get the motivation to leave home to chase a dream fighting bulls?

Lelo Garcia: I just love my job that much I am willing to do anything for it. Also had lots of support from friends & family.

RodeoChat: Support like that is great to have when your chasing a dream that hard! What made you wanna become a bullfighter?

Lelo Garcia: lol I always wanted to ride them when I was young. Didn’t take long to figure out that wasn’t my game. So I got the opportunity to step in Front of them in Logan UT & I never looked back!

RodeoChat: So you went into the arena full throttle ready to bust some bulls? Did you attend any bullfighting schools or were you self-taught?

Lelo Garcia: January 2007 in Ogden,UT was a Sankey Rodeo School & I have been to 2 Smets/Hare Bullfighting schools last year. March & November.

Fan Question from Kalee Jaspen (@123KaleeJae) on Twitter: What is going through your head when the bulls are coming toward you?

Lelo Garcia: It is just all reaction there’s no time to think. If you think, you’re late.

RodeoChat: Out of those 2 bullfighting schools you attended what’s the most important lesson that you learned ?

Lelo Garcia: Keep God first, & always do your job. Keep the riders safe, that IS your job like an NFL O-lineman protects his QB.

RodeoChat: Can’t go wrong with that advice! So, Lelo you’re a rare breed.. You fight at protection matches and freestyle and you also work at Rock P’ Bar. How do you manage all 3 of those jobs?

Lelo Garcia: lol It’s just the drive & will inside me. I’m just getting started on a long journey. Plus, I don’t like losing 😉

RodeoChat: Oooo! Okay, here is the BIG question..First off Congrats on getting your PRCA card. What steps did it take to get your prca card to fight bulls?

Lelo Garcia: Getting seen. You go through an evaluation by the PRCA, & have to have current or former NFR bullfighters, barrelman, & freestyle World champs sign recommendations on ya. You’re always getting watched to make sure you’re doing your job to expectations.

RodeoChat: Wow.. Seems like a lot of work, but it’s worth it in the end! When we first announced that you were joining us tonight we got tons of hits on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and Instagram! How do you build up your fan base? Do you post video blogs, attend any schools to speak on your experience?

Lelo Garcia: For me, so far mostly FB, Twitter, & Instagram. Haven’t spoke at any schools yet but I’ve had people personally message me via Facebook asking for advice or help. It’s not just in the arena you can help someone. 🙂

RodeoChat: Very True! A little help goes along ways.. Last question, before we wrap things up.. Do you have any sponsors that help you get down the trail that you’d like to thank?

Lelo Garcia: Streamline Chiropractic. Asphalt Maintenance, & my Mom n’ Dad. 🙂

Question from Lace Mae (@ClassActCountry) on Twitter : Lelo Garcia, looking back what has been your most memorable moment to date?

Lelo Garcia: There’s a lot. I still smile just driving down the road every time. But most memorable was probably becoming close friends/family with Rob Smets. He’s helped me with more than I can tweet IN & OUT of the arena. 

Question from Kyle Bayman (@KGoalie) on Twitter: How old were you when you started fighting bulls?

Lelo Garcia: I started later than most. I was 4 months shy of 19.

Question from Kalee Jae (@123KaleeJae) on Twitter: Do you think a girl could be a bullfighter?

Lelo Garcia: I believe anyone can do whatever they want if they want it bad enough.

That’s a wrap for this week’s RodeoChat Twitter-View folks! Wanna thank Lelo for chatting with us tonight, and all the RC fans that helped make tonight’s chat another success! We wanna wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! See you all in 2014!

Paige Gregory

RodeoChat Host & Founder

Nashville, TN


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