#RodeoChat Interview: Western Romance Author – Heather Buchman

So tonight on RodeoChat we decided to mix thing’s up a bit.. We decided to interview a western romance author from Colorado by the name of Heather Buchman! Heather, also features RodeoChat in her NEW book ” And Then You Dance ”  You can pick up a copy TODAY on Amazon:  http://www.amazon.com/Then-Dance-Crested-Butte-Series-ebook/dp/B00GWDQL4I/ref=pd_sim_kstore_1


Here is is our interview with Western Romance Author Heather Buchman

RodeoChat: How did you get into writing books about rodeo Cowboys and Cowgirls?

Heather Buchman: We’ve always been big rodeo fans. Living in Colorado, we’re surrounded by it! Plus, cowboys & cowgirls, so romantic!

RodeoChat: we’ve noticed recently that authors have based their main characters in their stories from their hometown. Do you base your characters from the Crested Butte Series from CO?

Heather Buchman: Both Crested Butte and Monument, but I also draw from people I grew up with, met along the way.

RodeoChat: So you just released a 2nd book in the Crested Butte Series.. Why did you name the series Crested Butte?

Heather Buchman: Both books take place mainly on the “Rice Family Ranch,” (really the Lazy F Bar Ranch) in CB. Beautiful place!

RodeoChat: When you were writing the crested butte series did you write these books at The Lazy F Bar Ranch for inspiration?

Heather Buchman: Ha! I did spend some time there while I was writing the second book. I love CB so much, having the books set there gives me an excuse to keep going back!

RodeoChat: Lol! Perfect excuse. @heatherbuchman In your first book in the CB series was about a barrel racer & Air Force Captain.. Where did You get your info at for this book? Did you search online or have some connections? Lol

Heather Buchman: Actually, the air force capt dies before the story begins. The story is about a barrel racer, as you said and a musician. Yeah, I had connections! Musician is based on a real-life guy and his music is in the book!

RodeoChat: That sounds pretty surreal! How did you get the idea to base the first story on a barrel racer & not a Female Bull rider?

Heather Buchman: My fave part of the rodeo is watching the barrel racers. In the book, the main character dreams of being one. The first book is about following your dreams, whether it’s as a barrel racer or a musician or whatever.

RodeoChat: Now that we talked about the first book in Crested Butte “And Then You Fall” ! Let’s talk about the 2nd book in the series “And Then You Dance” .. It’s about a saddle bronc rider. What made you decide to feature the 2nd book on a saddle bronc rider?

Heather Buchman: Let’s say I had a little inspiration from Twitter! Seriously, love them too! (Shh: book 3 is about a bullrider!)

RodeoChat: Oooo! Was it one of our guests we interviewed that helped your inspiration?

Heather Buchman: You got it!!!

RodeoChat: We are so honored to be featured in your 2nd book “And Then You Dance” but what made you wanna feature RodeoChat in your book?

Heather Buchman: The main female character follows RC, and checks on Twitter to see how her bronc ridin’ beau does that night.

RodeoChat: How did you come up with the names of these characters in the 2nd book? Their so interesting!

Heather Buchman: good question. Billy just fits this guy. Renie is the name of my lifelong best friend. Naming characters is actually really difficult. Sometimes they change mid-book because they don’t fit. 

RodeoChat: So have you ever had to change a character’s name mid-book before? If so, did it happen in the Crested Butte series?

Heather Buchman: Oh yeah, lol. It happens ALL the time! New inspiration comes a-knockin’ and you can’t help yourself! 😉

RodeoChat: Can you give us a little hint of what to expect in book 3 of the Crested Butte series?

Heather Buchman: Book 3 (And Then You – Kiss) is about brothers, Jace and Tucker. The story is set in Crested Butte and Aspen. One is a bull-rider, the other is an artist (oh, and they’re twins . . . both HOT, of course).

RodeoChat: What is your biggest goal to achieve in your career as a western romance author?

Heather Buchman: Honestly, I just want to write books that people love to read. Wouldn’t argue if someone made them into movies!


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