2013 NFR Bullfighter Aaron Ferguson



Aaron Feguson

2013 NFR bullfighter and 2nd Canadian to fight bulls at the NFR

RodeoChat: So congrats on all your success this year! How does it feel to be on your way to your first NFR?

Aaron Ferguson: It’s an awesome feeling! It’s a great honor to be the 2nd Canadian and I couldn’t ask for two better partners.

RodeoChat: How is it working alongside them? Have they been any help to you thus far?

Aaron Ferguson: They’re two of the best to ever tie on cleats, and just fighting with them helps me become a better bullfighter.

RodeoChat: That’s awesome! What exactly made you want to fight bulls? Why not ride them?

Aaron Ferguson: My older brother was a bullfighter so I got an inside look at how awesome the lifestyle was at a really young age.

RodeoChat: What an awesome way to get into it! Did you ever see yourself going as far as you have?

Aaron Ferguson: Honestly, I’ve always known that I would be successful. I just kept working hard at it and fed off the haters.

RodeoChat: That’s an awesome mind-set, what rodeo has been your favorite so far?

Aaron Ferguson: I’ve been lucky to be involved with a lot of great ones, so it has hard to pick just one. The CNFR (College National Finals Rodeo) was a blast though!

RodeoChat: It’s an awesome rodeo! You’re accomplished a lot, whats next for you?

Aaron Ferguson: I am just taking it day by day right now. There’s some rodeos I want but there’s only one on my mind at the moment.

RodeoChat: who is someone you haven’t worked with that you would like to?

Aaron Ferguson: My first time working with Cody Webster will be at the WNFR, so I am really looking forward to that!

RodeoChat: How do you handle moving around the bulls? What does through your mind in those spilt seconds?

Aaron Ferguson: I’ve spent a lot of time around cattle. Matching their moves becomes second nature and if you are thinking it’s probably too late!

RodeoChat: Do you have any sponsors you’d like to give a s/o to??

Aaron Ferguson: I have some great sponsors! http://Kixnbux.com , Wrangler Western, Monte Carlo Resort and Casino and Smithbilt Hats. 

– Paige Gregory & Kayla Reed –



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