#RodeoChat Interview: 8X NFR Heeler Cesar De La Cruz


17 Questions with 8 x NFR heeler Cesar De La Cruz:

RodeoChat: You did an interview with Cinch Jeans awhile ago, and you mentioned that you rode steers. You also mentioned that steers was tough. So you chose to team rope.. Do you think if you worked harder at riding steers you’d make that world champion bull riding title?

Cesar De La Cruz: My uncle George Aros was a 4x NFR team roper, and I always wanted to be like him and make the NFR. When I was a kid I wanted to be like Lane Frost because he was the best! But realized bull riding hurts when you ride good it seems like they are still a lil sore.

RodeoChat: Right! So what is so special about your Uncle that made you decide you wanted to follow his footsteps, and be a team roper?

Cesar De La Cruz: Uncle George won the Ave when he made it so I felt when I was in my teens that I would do everything he says cause he knew how to get to the final level in the pro ranks. George rodeoed with the legendary Leo Camarillo and was another hero of mine.

RodeoChat: You have some amazing rodeo legends behind you! What’s it like having your uncle George & Leo pushing you to the limit?

Cesar De La Cruz: I love that I get pushed to be the best! The knowledge they have passed on to me can never be matched & I thank god I was taught by the best!! Clay Cooper another mentor told me iron sharpens iron so being around the best has been a blessing.

RodeoChat: You mentioned that you hang out with bull riders a lot because they understand you. Do you think that hanging around with bullriders has helped you make it to the top 15 of the team roping standings?

Cesar De La Cruz: A good BullRiding friend is Chandler Bownds he likes to rope so it’s fun to talk ropin and BullRidin. We talk bout split 2nd reactions in bullridng and when I use my split 2nd reactions I rope better.

RodeoChat: Do you listen to music before you get ready for an event? If so, what artist/song do you listen to that gets you pumped?

Cesar De La Cruz: Yes I listen to Cage the Elephant “Aint no rest for the wicked”before the rodeos. I listen to Dr Dre, Eminem, Wiz Khalifa.

Fan Question from Austin Gene (@AustinShirley3): What is going through your mind on that first night you back in the heel box at NFR?

Cesar De La Cruz: I get really fired up and tell myself don’t throw your rope tell u know you have 2 feet and have fun! 

RodeoChat: You’re a team roper that seems to stand out in the pack. Do you think that with you being in the team roping industry you can help the industry grow even bigger?

Cesar De La Cruz: God put me on this earth to rope, I would love to help grow the game that has giving me everything! I see kids ropin at all the events that I go to, and feel its my job to make sure the future generation can have the same opportunities that I have had.

Fan Question from Willato (@Ty_Ler_W): Why does the Nitro feel so good?

Cesar De La Cruz: It’s my special blend of rope. Lots of Polly to take the heat a lil better but with the right amount of nylon to make it fast.


Fan Question from Melissa (@emgee_): Where was your first date with Arena De La Cruz at?

Cesar De La Cruz: I took her to the Arizona Mills Mall Movie Theater 11 years ago. 

RodeoChat: What’s something totally random about you that none of your fans know about you?

Cesar De La Cruz: I love golf!! Those guys have it made!! But for those who already knew that I watch cartoons with my family every night & I love it. When I was lil I watched them with my grandpa Vic Aros so it’s like a fun family pastime, he is 1 of the best cowboys I have met!

Fan Question from Rey Mata (@reydavidmata): besides the NFR which is the most memorable rodeo or your favorite you’ve roped at?

Cesar De La Cruz: The big 3 I can’t pick them apart because each one was amazing! Pendleton, Cheyenne, Salinas! Cowboy Rodeos!!

Fan Question from Lex (@TimmAlexis): Witch event gives you more of an adrenalin rush?

Cesar De La Cruz: I know it sounds crazy but at NFR & big rodeos it’s the same rush! I hang with bullriders cause they can understand me.

Fan Question from Lex (@TimmAlexis): Do you still get the urge to bull ride sometimes, or not so much anymore?

Cesar De La Cruz: Yes when I hang with Chandler Bownds and he rides for 90 pts but when he gets run over it doesn’t look as fun.

Fan Question from Collyn Piper (@Collyn_Piper):  Cesar, Will you be at the jingle bell classic this weekend in Stephenville, TX?

Cesar De La Cruz: Not going to make it there this year. Going to the World Series in Buckeye, AZ!

Fan Question from Terry G. Shaw (@terrygshaw): how does your horsemanship help you in Team Roping?

Cesar De La Cruz: Horsemanship is everything! If you can’t ride your horse into the position you need than roping is a lot harder.

Fan Question from Terry G. Shaw (@Terrygshaw): How long have been teaming up with Derick Begay?

Cesar De La Cruz: This is the 5th year “D” and I have made it. He will always be one of my best friend & best headers I have ever roped.

Fan Question from ShaBee (@LaShashaBee): What is a NFR/Vegas tradition that you a your family do?

Cesar De La Cruz: We like to spend time together because it is so busy there we are always running around! Just as much time as we can spend together is awesome.

To keep up with Cesar De La Cruz down the rodeo trail.. Be sure to follow him on some of his favorite social media sites:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Cesar-de-la-Cruz/152858114744694?fref=ts

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CesarAdelaCruz

Instagram: http://instagram.com/ccrossnitro

RodeoChat Host

– Paige Gregory –



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