Chris Skeeters PAFRA Bull Rider heading to Texas

Happy Veterans day to the Men and Women overseas and in the states fighting for our country! In honor of veterans day we spent time interview Professional Armed Forces Rodeo Assoc. Bull Rider Chris Skeeters! Chris, will be riding at the PAFRA at the end of this month in Texas! Check out the interview below:


15 Questions with Professional Armed Forces Rodeo Assoc. Bull Rider Chris Skeeters

RodeoChat: How did you get into bull riding?

Chris Skeeters: One of my buddies asked me to go to a practice pen with him and I decided to get on one and ain’t looked back since.

RodeoChat: So your buddy talked you into getting on a bull, and you said yes.. What was it like riding your first bull and was it for 8 seconds?

Chris Skeeters: It was interesting to say the least, and no I lasted longer in the chute than I did in the arena!

RodeoChat: So after you rode your first bull you didn’t do so good. What did you do to improve from that first ride?

Chris Skeeters: Kept getting on and I am constantly on YouTube watching the greats like Justin Mcbride or Ty Murray.

RodeoChat: Perfect! Hard work = success! So.. The assoc. you ride in is a little bit different then these other assocs. Care to tell Explain what PAFRA is all about, and what it’s like riding in the PAFRA (Professional Armed Forces Rodeo Association) ?

Chris Skeeters: Kinda it’s only for Active duty, reserves, dependents or retired members of the armed forces in the US and Europe. Also, any rodeo in your area counts for the assoc. so I can ride in other assoc. (PRCA, SEBRA.. ETC) and the points count.

RodeoChat: Right on! So how long have been riding bulls in PAFRA?

Chris Skeeters: This is my 2nd full year 2011 was my 1st but I was not able to compete last year because I was deployed.

RodeoChat: Sure! I remember you telling me that the other day. So have you ridden in any other rodeo assoc. before pafra?

Chris Skeeters: Yes, I have ridden in the SRA and SEBRA and a couple of PBR Touring Pros.

RodeoChat: Wow! 3 different rodeo/bull riding associations. How did you balance those out to where they weren’t conflicting with other events?

Chris Skeeters: Quite difficult at times! It just depended where more money was cause that’s where the better bulls and riders were.

RodeoChat: Gotcha! So how many rodeos/bull riding in total do you enter a year?

Chris Skeeters: A lot! Between jackpots and rodeos it’s over 75.

RodeoChat: When you go to plan your rodeo schedule do you try to plan some new rodeos/bullridings in your schedule or do you attend the same?

Chris Skeeters: I like going to different ones and new places are always fun to travel to especially when they are out-of-state.

RodeoChat: Of course! So tell us about your 2014 rodeo season.. Any new rodeos you’ll be entered in?

Chris Skeeters: My main focus will be SEBRA events but gonna hit up as many Touring Pros as possible and maybe some PRCA rodeos.

RodeoChat: Wow! That’s pretty awesome that you’re getting involved in so many rodeo an bull riding assocs. Your also a father, and I know it gets rough with your crazy schedule. Do you take your daughter on the road with you at all?

Chris Skeeters: Yeah, it’s fun traveling and going different places and meeting the fans they are the ones that make this sport! Unfortunately, she is a little to young but loves watching the videos she wants to be a bull rider just like her dad. 

RodeoChat: Aww that is so dang cute! So are you gonna teach her the ropes of bull riding when she gets older? Lol

Chris Skeeters: I’m gonna try to get her into barrel racing but if she wants to ride I will start her young so she learn more than I did.

RodeoChat: Your heading to the PAFRA finals at the end of this month.. What are you doing to get yourself prepared?

Chris Skeeters: Getting on practice bulls and just mentally preparing myself for the finals and focusing on having fun while I’m there.

RodeoChat: There ya go Cowboy! Stay focused, and you’ll get that success 🙂 Where do you get on practice bulls at in NC?

Chris Skeeters: All over I can go get on bulls 7 days a week all over the state plus it’s a good thing knowing all the owners.

RodeoChat: Heck yeah! Those are good connections to have. So while your going down the trail where can all your fans keep up w u?

Chris Skeeters: Facebook: Twitter:

RodeoChat Host- Paige Gregory –


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