CPRA Bull Rider Tanner Girletz


11 questions with CPRA bull rider Tanner Girletz

RodeoChat: So tell us, what’s it like to be a CFR qualifier!?

Tanner Girletz: Its my sixth one you would think the excitement would wear off but it doesn’t. It’s the best feeling knowing you’re going.

RodeoChat: Wow! Congrats on that!! How do you prepare for such a huge event both mentally and physically?

Tanner Girletz: I go to a couple of practice pens, get on some bulls, and continue on with life. Try not to change much from the year.

RodeoChat: So you’re a prominent figure in the Canadian Pro Rodeo circuit, have you ever thought of trying different associations?

Tanner Girletz: I should say I still go to PBR’s have since I was 18, and the NFR and PBR finals are something I have always wanted.

RodeoChat: Off the record question, Vegas huh? So are you saying we may see you in the PBR or PRCA soon?

Tanner Girletz: Ya I go to the PBR Canada events all year. I would like to make the World Finals.

RodeoChat: How do you handle being on the road so much? You mention rodeoing closer to home, any other compromises?

Tanner Girletz: With cows and stuff now, it’s just harder to leave 4 a long period of time like I used to. I don’t mind the driving. 

RodeoChat: o how does it feel to be a 2x Wilf Girletz Memorial All-around champ?? That must be a special title to you.

Tanner Girletz: Wilf was my grandpa and my hero. To win a buckle twice with his name on it means the world to me.

RodeoChat: Would you consider him one of your inspirations to ride bulls?

Tanner Girletz: For Sure, It wasn’t until he passed away that I decided that I wanted to ride. Between him and my Dad Kevin.

RodeoChat: Wow, that’s a great reason to ride! Have you ever tried any other events other than bull riding?

Tanner Girletz: Ya in high school I rode bareback horses to. It was something I liked but was more natural at bull riding.

RodeoChat: Awesome! You’ve been in this business for some time, how do you hope to see this sport grow?

Tanner Girletz: At some point it would be nice to be actual paid athletes. Instead of paying our way down the road.

RodeoChat: Amen to that! We hear you’re linked to the Make-A-Wish foundation, can you tell us a little about that?

Tanner Girletz: YA! I will be shaving my head on Nov. 5th for Ava, Marley, and Rachelle. The are three special girls who need our help. You can donate and help these three little girls by clicking the following link. http://bit.ly/18bBTDg  and follow in info.

RodeoChat: That’s amazing you’re doing that. Are there any sponsors you want to give a shout out to?

Tanner Girletz: Wrangler Western , 3D Bull Riding , Wild Hogs bucking bulls, Flying High Rodeo, and Strike Energy. Thanks a Ton

Thanks to every one who tuned in! Make sure to check out Tanner Girletz blog and see how you can join in and help him with make-a-wish! Link: http://www.rodeocanada.com/rodeo_blogs.htm

RodeoChat Crew

Paige Gregory & Kayla Reed



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