11 Questions with 17 X NFR Announcer Boyd Polhamus

Cinch 6a (1)

Boyd Polhamus

4 X Announcer of the year

17 X NFR Announcer

RodeoChat: So tell us, what made you want to be an announcer? And especially for rodeo?

Boyd Polhamus: Didn’t know I wanted to be one. Pretending to be one at college rodeo practice. Coaches hired me to announce our college rodeo.

RodeoChat: Haha there’s a way to get your break! What college did you attend? Also, what was your original plan before you found your announcer calling?

Boyd Polhamus: Southwest Texas junior college that’s where I began announcing… Then went to SWTSU… Now called Texas State U. I wanted To be Joe Beaver or Ty Murray… Qualified for NHSF in 6 events… Obviously I wasn’t very good in most of them.

RodeoChat: 6 events huh?? That’s impressive! What made you leave the arena? Did you just enjoy announcing that much more?

Boyd Polhamus: My skill set was never gonna take me far as a competitor… would placed 5th a lot , but announcing felt like what God wanted.

RodeoChat: So how did you climb the ladder? What did you do to make it this far?

Boyd Polhamus: Hard work, taking it seriously, being in the right place at the right time.

RodeoChat: So what is it like announcing for NFR? That’s obviously a huge deal, how do you like it?

Boyd Polhamus: No one can even imagine how much goes into it… The reward is to be on the front row calling action as HISTORY is being made.

RodeoChat: So what’s your favorite rodeo to announce for? Would it be the NFR?

Boyd Polhamus: No favorites, all have things I love about them, all have things I can’t stand. They’re all unique, things to love an hate. 

RodeoChat: Roughly how many rodeos do you announce for during the year?

Boyd Polhamus: About 40-45 venues. 160 – 180 performances.

RodeoChat: How did you feel when you received announcer of the year… 4 times?

Boyd Polhamus: Amazing! That’s your peers. No one wins those awards. Those awards are GIVEN by our peers. 

RodeoChat: Very true, and you deserve everyone one of them! What would you consider your greatest achievement? Or one of them?

Boyd Polhamus:  Keeping my jobs. I’m very opinionated about how our sport should be presented, people who hire me back have to put up that.

RodeoChat: How do you hope to see our sport grow?

Boyd Polhamus: Alot to change if we’re gonna grow – Ultimately we have to become more fan friendly-Providing product fans pay more to see.

RodeoChat: Last question! Do you ever have thoughts of retirement? We sure hope not!

Boyd Polhamus: Are you crazy? I’m 48 years old. I love what I do. Win the power ball and I’ll do it for free-Never worked a day in my life as an announcer.

RodeoChat Crew

Paige Gregory & Kayla Reed



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