Jace Angus is ready to make some history in the 2014 rodeo season.


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Professional Saddle Bronc Rider Jace Angus

RodeoChat : How did you get started in saddle bronc riding?

Jace Angus: I got started through my dad, my whole family up to my great grandparents were all bronc riders.

RodeoChat: Very Cool! So how old were you when you got on your first bronc?

Jace Angus: It went south quick, first bronc came out backwards and jumped upside down rolling on top of me popping a thigh muscle haha.

RodeoChat: But you never gave up, and you still kept at it! Have you had any other crazy wrecks since you started at 19?

Jace Angus: Here and there, bones, nothing to severe, one in Cody Wyo, horse ran me into the top rail breaking my eye socket and some ribs.

RodeoChat: Wow! How do you keep yourself so motivated and still chasing after that dream of one day maybe competing in Vegas?

Jace Angus: I love it and its my passion, have great workout coaches and i have huge goal with family behind me and that help motivation.

RodeoChat: So the 2013 rodeo season just came to an end.. How do you think you did this year down the rodeo trail?

Jace Angus: Yes fort worth, TX i drew up in, was a great rodeo. Got on one great horse placing 2nd that put me in the standing one round.

RodeoChat: That’s pretty impressive. I’ve noticed that lot of rodeo cowboys ride in 2-3 different rodeo assocs. How many do you ride in?

Jace Angus: I do go to some ami’s here and there to stay tuned up and a lot more fun than a real job, probably 5 or so i duck off too.

RodeoChat: So 2014 is almost here.. What are your goals for the new year in saddle bronc riding?

Jace Angus: I have lots, my main this next year is to make the nfr following that shoot for a world championship. going at it hard this year.

RodeoChat: That’s a great mind-set! So have you started your 2014 year yet in rodeo or are you waiting till January?

Jace Angus: Yes, first one will be in San Francisco on the 26 at cow palace. Go a steady pace for now then go more come winter rodeos.

RodeoChat: Perfect! Who do you travel with down the rodeo trail?

Jace Angus: Been going alone a lot, but I have various traveling partners throughout the year.

RodeoChat: Totally understand! So, do you have any sponsors that you’d like to thank that help you get to your rodeos?

Jace Angus: None yet, need some!! Still trying to get that, but family and great friends have been behind me as much as they can.

RodeoChat: Last question, where can your fans keep up with you throughout the 2014 rodeo season?

Jace Angus: Anyone can reach me on Twitter or facebook, can contact me in any way also email is jaceangus@yahoo.com ill be glad to answer too.

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/jaceangus

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jace.angus?fref=ts 

Wooo! Talk about a great Monday night with a NEW young gun chasing that gold buckle down the trail in Saddle Bronc Riding. Wanna thank Jace, and all of the RodeoChat fans that tuned into tonight’s Twitterview on Twitter. I hope you all have a wonderful week!

– Paige Gregory –





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