PRCA/PBR Cowboy Austin Meier



9 Questions with Professional Bull Rider Austin Meier

RodeoChat: Do you come from a line of bull riders or are you a first generation cowboy?

Austin Meier: Yes every boy in our family has ridden bulls.

RodeoChat: So at what age did you start riding bulls?

Austin Meier: I started getting on my first big bulls when I was 12.

RodeoChat: Is there anyone who inspired you to ride professionally?
Austin Meier: Lane Frost & his parents Clide & Elsie as a boy. I got on lots of young bulls down at their arena. As a teen Ross Coleman!
RodeoChat: So how does it feel to be The 2013 Iron Cowboy and hold that title?
Austin Meier: It felt great to win the iron cowboy after finishing second two years in a row.
RodeoChat: And on that note, how do you prepare for such a big event like The Iron Cowboy?
Austin Meier: There’s really no way to prepare for an event like that. You just get ready for a long night of getting on rank bulls. 
RodeoChat: You get the best of both worlds being a PBR and PRCA cowboy, how do you manage the two?
Austin Meier: I manage it by having a great home life when I am home and by paying close attention to the schedules and thorough planning. 
RodeoChat: Do you have any advice for some one trying to do the same as you and ride in both associations?
Austin Meier: Doing both takes a desire to get on a lot of stock and basically live on the road. Don’t blow $ you’ll need it down the road.
RodeoChat: How did you gain all your sponsors? What did it take?
Austin Meier: I’ve got great agents but mostly being comfortable talking to people and be a doer more than a talker. 
RodeoChat: Any sponsors you want to make a shout out too?
Austin Meier: DeWalt Tough, Stanley PBR, RMEF, Wrangler Western, ATX Wheels, Case Knives, Dunn Ford Country.
That’s a wrap for this week’s RodeoChat Rodeo/Bull Riding fans! I hope you all enjoyed Tonight’s interview with PRCA/PBR Cowboy Austin Meier.  I hope you all have a wonderful work week! See y’all again Next Monday.
– Paige Gregory

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