Professional Bullfighter Nathan Jestes


11 Questions with Professional Bullfighter Nathan Jestes:

RodeoChat: How did you get into fighting bulls?

Nathan Jestes: when I was in college I met Al Sandvold who is a professional bullfighter and got interested in it through him

RodeoChat: Interesting.. So what did you do before you pursued bullfighting?

Nathan Jestes:  I studied aviation in college and was working as a flight instructor at the time I started taking my bullfighting career seriously.. I gave up my whole flying career to pursue bullfighting and haven’t looked back since.

RodeoChat: Wow.. that’s a big of a change. Was it hard for you to switch over to bullfighting vs. flight instructor?

Nathan Jestes: It was a big change. But bullfighting quickly became my biggest passion and I wanted to follow my dream.

RodeoChat: Seems like you live up to that “YOLO” motto. What’s the scariest thing you have been through in your bullfighting career?

Nathan Jestes: Obviously there is a danger factor in what we do… I guess I’m most sacred of getting a serious injury that ends my career because I’m not ready for my career to be over. But it’s all part of the job and won’t stop from protecting others the way I need to.

RodeoChat: Most Def! Bullfighting is extremely tough, and it takes a special person to do it. How long did it take you to get to that Professional level to where you can fight bulls in the PBR & PRCA scene..

Nathan Jestes: I got pretty lucky learning from one of the best (Al Sandvold). And as a result my career accelerated pretty quick. I fought bulls in the amature level for two years before I got approved for my PRCA card.

RodeoChat: So you just finished up at the Ardmore championship bullfights.. How’d it go for you?

Nathan Jestes: Went really well. Ended up splitting second place with Evan Allard. The top guys in the country were there so it was an honor to come out with a second place finish.

RodeoChat: Did you have to qualify for the champion bullfights in Ardmore or was it invite only?

Nathan Jestes: It’s an invitational deal. Frank Newsom is in charge of getting the guys lined up there.

RodeoChat:  Wow! That’s impressive to get chosen by a PBR bullfighter. Have you ever had the chance to fight bulls with Frank?

Nathan Jestes: I haven’t had the opportunity but I would love to someday. He’s an outstanding bullfighter and even greater of a person.

RodeoChat: Gotcha! Who do you usually fight bulls with at PRCA & PBR events?

Nathan Jestes: It all depends. I work for several different stock contractors and committees throughout the year that I get to work with different bullfighters. Worked quite a bit with Cody Webster this year with the Powder River Rodeo Company crew.

RodeoChat: Awesome! What’s something about you that makes you stick out from all of the other bullfighters?

Nathan Jestes: That’s tough. Recently I’ve been spending a lot of time with Cody Webster, Chuck Swisher, Nathan Harp, and Dusty Tuckness as a group we all push each other to be the best we can be and it’s been a huge positive influence on my career.

RodeoChat: What’s the best place for all of your fans to keep up with you down the trail through social media?

Nathan Jestes: I’ve been trying to get into Twitter a little more but I mostly use Facebook to post updates throughout the year



 That’s a wrap for this week RodeoChat fans! Thanks again to everyone that tuned in and made tonight’s Twitterview another HUGE success. See you all next Monday 😉

– Paige Gregory


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