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13 questions with Young Gun Tie-Down Roper Marty Yates

RodeoChat: Whats it like being a Rookie Rodeo Cowboy going Down the rodeo trail?

Marty Yates: Great! Tied the calves for the Pendleton Roundup this morning been getting ready to rope there tomorrow. It is huge change from what I’ve been used to. Lots of Miles to run lots of calves.

RodeoChat: That’s awesome! We actually head out to Pendleton tomorrow morning. How many years have you competed in Pendleton?

Marty Yates: This will be my first year to rope here on the grass and I can not wait. Pumped!!

RodeoChat: Excellent! Since this will be your first year roping on grass are you having to use different techniques vs. dirt?

Marty Yates: Everybody has told me to go do same thing an don’t worry too much about the grass just to go rope.

 RodeoChat Fan Question from Country Tuf: Will this be your first time at the Pasadena rodeo next week!?

Marty Yates: Sure will!! I’m a first timer at all the Pro Rodeo’s this year!

RodeoChat: The question everyone’s wanting to know is.. How did you get into Tie-Down Roping?

Marty Yates: My whole family ropes so it’s just something I picked up when I was little it was just a way of life!

RodeoChat: Perfect! Have you tried any other rodeo events besides Tie-Down Roping before?

Marty Yates: Yes I team rope quite a bit when I’m at home and it’s something I want to bring out here in a few years!

RodeoChat: You compete with a lot of the top ropers in today’s rodeo industry.What’s it like competing with the top Cowboys?

Marty Yates: Awesome when u rope day in and out with these guys and then rope good a win you know you’ve done something!!

RodeoChat Fan Question from Country Tuf: Who do you look up too!?

Marty Yates: Funny you say that because I’m with the guy I probably look up to roping the most.. The Cody Ohl!!

RodeoChat: Out of all the top ropers in the world. What’s some of the best advice they gave you & who was it from?

Marty Yates: Scott Kormos is always a guy that comes over saying just go rope the way you know how to and go have fun!

RodeoChat fan Question from Country Tuf: What’s your Favorite and worse thing about being on the road

Marty Yates: Favorite thing about being on the road is you get to run a calf just about every day and worst is the driving!!

RodeoChat: What’s it been like competing at all of these pro rodeos for your first time? Have any favorite rodeos yet? Lol

Marty Yates: It makes it a little tuf sometimes! That’s a question I get a lot that I don’t have an answer to I like a lot of em!

RodeoChat: So there’s a rumor going around that you’re the next Tuf Cooper Marty Yates. How do you feel about that? I mean it’s not a bad title. Lol

Marty Yates: Those are very BOLD words! But it’s a great feeling that people think I could possibly follow his footsteps! Long ways to go!

RodeoChat: Last question.. Where can all of the #RodeoChat fans keep up with you through social media Down the rodeo trail?

Marty Yates: Twitter is probably the best way to keep up with me! I’m trying to get better about tweeting and keeping everybody posted!! Twitter link:

Thanks so much to all the Rodeo fans that tuned into tonight’s RodeoChat on Twitter. We appreciate all of your support. We also wanna welcome all of our new blog followers to our blog! Without all of you guy’s we wouldn’t be where we are at today. THANK YOU again to everyone that has “Liked” our posts, and followed us on Twitter. We hope you all have a great rest of the week.

P.S – We will be making our debut at the Pendleton Round-Up this week. We will be wearing our brand new RodeoChat western shirts that say “RodeoChat” on the side. If you spot us in the crowd be sure an say hi! We love meeting our RodeoChat fans!

– Paige Gregory


Marty Yates, and his rookie year down the rodeo trail! RECAP:

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