PBR Cowboy – Stetson Lawrence


11 Questions with Professional Bull Rider Stetson Lawrence

RodeoChat: So your first PBR BFTS event was in february What have you done to build your reputation?

Stetson Lawrence: Been entering a lot of Touring Pro events trying to get back to the BFT events.  Also, been going to pro rodeos.

RodeoChat: How long did it take you to get into the BFTS series with the top Cowboys in the world?

Stetson Lawrence: Been bull riding for 5 years & decided this year to see if I had the ability to make it to the BFTS.

RodeoChat: You most def. have the ability to ride in the BFTS. How old were you when you got on your first bull, and what was it like?

Stetson Lawrence: Well, back in 1997 I got on my very first bull. I closed my eyes & held on! Been enjoying the thrill ever since. 

RodeoChat: How did you get into bull riding? Did any of your family members ride bulls?

Stetson Lawrence: My dad was a Bull rider & I grew up going to rodeos. Guess it was in my blood to do it.

RodeoChat: So you don’t only ride in PBR BFTS events.. You ride in pbrtpd and prca as well. Does your schedule ever overlap?

Stetson Lawrence: Yes… All the time! It is a scheduling nightmare. But its worth it if everything works out.

RodeoChat: For sure! Is there any rodeo’s that you’d like to ride in or BFTS that you haven’t ridden at yet?

Stetson Lawrence: I would love to ride in Vegas for both the NFR & PBR World Finals someday.

RodeoChat: How do prepare yourself for bull ridings in PBR & PRCA. Do you get on practice bulls at all?

Stetson Lawrence: No practice bulls just the drop barrel. I held a full-time job till July in the Oilfield so didn’t have much time.

RodeoChat: So I gotta ask this question.. Why bulls and not horses?

Stetson Lawrence: I love horses that I can team rope off of that don’t buck! Bullriding is more of a challenge to me.

RodeoChat Fan Question from Mo Durward – Best of Luck Stetson which bull is the toughest so far?

Stetson Lawrence: Thank you… The bull that I’ve been on that’s the toughest would have to be Light Makers Rango.

RodeoChat Fan Question from Misti Flory – other than your dad who is or was your favorite bull rider.

Stetson Lawrence: My all time favorite bull rider is Lane Frost. He was an outstanding bull rider & idol!

RodeoChat: Last question – What’s the best way your fans can keep up with you down the rodeo trail?

Stetson Lawrence: I am new to the whole social media thing so getting a fan page on Facebook soon or on Twitter (https://twitter.com/StetsonLawrence

Once again we wanna thank all of the PBR & Rodeo fans that joined in on the chat tonight, and asked questions! We couldn’t have done this without all of your guy’s support! Hope you all had an amazing Labor day weekend & may the rest of the week bring you good luck!


– Paige Gregory




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