Challenge Of Champions Bull Rider – Derek McCormack


RodeoChat:  Derek, how did you get into bull riding?

Derek McCormack: I had a few family members that rode bulls and I always wanted to be just like them.

RodeoChat: Out of all the people that rodeo bulls in your family.. Who pushed you the most to get on bulls & help you out during hard times?

Derek McCormack:  My dad was always there when the going got tough. He always knew just what to say to make me try harder.

RodeoChat: Its always great to have someone push you to the limit & be there for you at your lowest point.

Derek McCormack:  That’s what family is all about. I am truly grateful to have a family that supports me in what I love to do.

RodeoChat: How old were you when you got on your first bull & what was it like riding a bull for your first time?

Derek McCormack:  On my 14th b-day I got on my first 2,000 lb. bull It felt like jumping out of a plane it’s a feeling you’ll never forget.

RodeoChat: How many planes have you jumped out of? Lol JK!

Derek McCormack:  Just one lol and I don’t think i will do it again unless I have to.. Ill stick to riding bulls it’s a lot closer to the ground ha

RodeoChat: Were getting a lot of questions about your tattoos.. Care to tell us some of your favorite tattoos on your body that mean the most to you?

Derek McCormack:  One of my favorite pieces of art I have would be SAY I WON’T down my right forearm Growin up people always said I wouldn’t make it pro.

RodeoChat: Love that saying & that motavation you have!

RodeoChat:  So your on the Champions of Challenge bull riding tour.. What’s it like riding for an event that Metal Mulisha sponsors?

Derek McCormack:  It’s great.. Those guys are crazy lol!

RodeoChat: Where can your fans stay up to date with you via social media?

Derek McCormack:  Following me on Facebook would be the best way. I usually post what events I’m entered in and the results.

RodeoChat:  For those of you wanting to stay up to date with Derek McCormack down the rodeo trail.. check him out on Facebook as well: … And here is Derek’s Twitter page for all of you that want to follow him:

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Thanks so much to Derek McCormack and all of the  fans that made tonight’s RodeoChat another HUGE success! You all are amazing, and we appreciate all of your sweet messages. We hope you all had a wonderful Monday & that the rest of the week leads to good thing’s for you all! Cheers 😉

Paige Gregory


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