Professional Barrel Racer – Sabrina Ketcham



11 Questions with Professional Barrel Racer Sabrina Ketcham

RodeoChat:  How many years have you been riding horses & when did you decide to start barrel racing?

Sabrina Ketcham: I grew up on a cattle ranch so I’ve ridden my entire life. We went to play days when I was 4 or 5, I never stopped!

RodeoChat: So you grew up with horses your whole life.. What breed of horses do you use for barrel racing?

Sabrina Ketcham: Quarter horses is what you’ll normally find but any horse can learn the barrels!

RodeoChat: What’s your biggest challenge that you face daily when traveling the rodeo road?

Sabrina Ketcham: Being away from home without my family is the biggest challenge without question.

RodeoChat: How many horses do you usually bring with you to a barrel race?

Sabrina Ketcham: I am fortunate enough to have 2 horses that I compete on. (Uno, and Swivel) 

RodeoChat:  How do you decide which horses to use at certain rodeos? Do you do your research or does it depend on the arena size?

Sabrina Ketcham:  it depends on the arena, pattern set up and the dirt. Both horses are working great right now. That’s a great feeling!

RodeoChat:  Congrats on your success at @DCRoundup ! The buckle is beautiful! Was this your first time riding at Dodge City?

Sabrina Ketcham:  No I’ve been to Dodge City several times, but this is my first Dodge buckle its a honer to win it.

RodeoChat: Besides DCR have you won any other championships in your barrel racing career?

Sabrina Ketcham:  Just this summer I’ve won the rodeos in Casper Wy, Sheridan Wy Spanish Fork Ut and Abilene Ks.

RodeoChat:  You’ve had a great summer barrel racing &it’s only getting better from here on out.. How do you prepare yourself for a Barrel Race?

Sabrina Ketcham:  Being mentally prepared and aware of many variables you may face.

RodeoChat: Were getting a lot of questions about how barrel racers build up their fan base.. How did you build up your fan base?

Sabrina Ketcham: As I’ve become more successful I’ve received more recognition. It comes down to hard work!

RodeoChat: Who keeps your horses shod? How important is that to your success?

Sabrina Ketcham: I’m fortunate my husband does my shoeing he knows my horses and watches them work, it’s so important.

RodeoChat: Last Question.. What’s something random about you that would surprise your barrel racing fans?

Sabrina Ketcham: I can cook pretty well, I even bake pies!

That’s a wrap for this week’s RodeoChat! Hope you all enjoyed this week’s Rodeo Chat with Professional Barrel Racer Sabrina Ketcham. Thanks to all the fans that made this week’s RodeoChat another huge success. See you all next Monday 😉

– Paige Gregory


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