5 Time World Champion Team Roping Legend – Leo Camarillo


 8 Questions With World Champion Team Roping Legend – Leo Camarillo


Rodeo Chat: You started from the bottom & now your known as a team roping legend across the world! What’s it feel like to be known as a legend?

Leo Camarillo: When you start out you want to be the best. At the end of the day when your peers call you a Legend & you are inducted into the hall of fame I guess I’ve earned it.

Rodeo Chat: You come from a line of hard workers that have made an impact on you.. Such as your roping career. How did that upbringing push you to get into team roping and steer wrestling?

Leo Camarillo: For me it was a way of life Learning responsibility respect dedication desire and a passion for rodeo when I say passion I mean all in. Roping was about food money and to be the best.

Rodeo Chat: Most know you as a team roper Leo .. But you also had a hand in steer wrestling as well. How long did you Steer Wrestle for ?

Leo Camarillo: Against my dad’s judgment I taught myself to steer wrestle & started at a young age continued my entire pro career.

Rodeo Chat: Everyone has an idol that they look up to. Who are some of your idols that you looked up to in your career?

Leo Camarillo: my dad dr frank santos @fastLaneSK lane’s grandpa rd rudledge there’s many more I either tried to copy or critique to improve upon my style to make it better.

Rodeo Chat: You did a documentary with Kevin Fox called “Changing The Game” what was it like working with Kevin?

Leo Camarillo: Steven Spielberg of rodeo documentary  he’s a passionate artist.

Rodeo Chat: You just finished up at Salinas & you had some success! Care to give us a recap of your run at Salinas?

Leo Camarillo: It’s about being in the moment this is my 45th year competing at Salinas great to still make a run down that arena.

Rodeo Chat: In the DVD “Changing The Game” you mentioned that at the Salinas rodeo you ride everyday of the event. Do you think more rodeo’s should go that route? Instead of for ex. You ride 4 days, and a new crew comes in like the CS rodeo.

Leo Camarillo: No, this is more like the us open where all compete for the entire time that’s the nature of the Salinas Rodeo.

Rodeo Chat: Before we end tonight’s chat what’s one thing you want all of your fans to remember you for?

Leo Camarillo: One of the greatest ropers that ever lived & like Trevor Brazile was relentless in my pursuit.



Here is a picture Leo sent to us during tonight’s Rodeo Chat on Twitter! It’s always a surprise seeing legend’s like Leo wanting to learn how social media works, and wanting to interact with his fans Via Twitter. For those of you wanting to stay connected with Leo, or have any questions about steer wrestling or team roping.. Make sure you give him a shout, and follow him at https://twitter.com/RodeoLion !


We also wanna thank Kevin Fox ( kevinfoxfilms.com ) for all of the HOT promo shots of Leo to help advertise tonight’s chat. Kevin, also took the time to help Leo create a Twitter account and helped Leo with answering Rodeo Chat’s fan questions tonight! Isn’t the rodeo community simply amazing? 😉

Last but not least.. We can not forget the Rodeo Chat fans that made tonight’s chat another huge success!! We couldn’t have done tonight’s chat with out all of y’all’s support! Rodeo Chat fans truly rock. On that note, we hope you all had a wonderful Monday and that the rest of the week brings nothing but laughter and smiles into your day.

– Paige Gregory




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