NHSRA Bull Rider Kaleb Van Dixon



13 Questions with National High School Rodeo Association Bull Rider Kaleb Van Dixon

RodeoChat: How did bull riding catch your attention, and make you wanna ride these crazy spinners?

Kaleb Van Dixon: I don’t really know I’ve just always wanted to ride em since I was little its my dream.

RodeoChat: Whose your biggest inspiration in the sport of bull riding? One that pushes you to try harder every time..

Kaleb Van Dixon: Well my all time idol is Lane Frost, but the person that gives me the strength to do it all is my mother.

RodeoChat: So you ride in the NHSRA circuit.. How did you get into that circuit? Did you have to buy a card.. Attend a meeting?

Kaleb Van Dixon: All ya gotta do is apply for the circuit and pay the fees, it’s a little pricey but ya gotta do what you gotta do.

RodeoChat: So we have a couple Rodeo Chat fans wanting to join NHSRA & wondering where to sign up at.. Care to tell us ?

Kaleb Van Dixon: yeah all ya gotta do is go to http://NHSRA.com  or http://NJRA.com  and print out the applications, the NHSRA website is linked to my twitter page and the website will tell you what to do.

RodeoChat: How long have you been riding in the NHSRA for?

Kaleb Van Dixon: I’ve been riding NHSRA for bout a year now.

RodeoChat: What’s it like riding in NHSRA?

Kaleb Van Dixon: It’s awesome ya know I messed up my back a couple of months ago but I love it these California Don Kish bulls are rank.

RodeoChat: Ouch! How long was the recovery process from a bad back to be able to ride bulls again?

Kaleb Van Dixon: Well I was stupid and just kept Ridin so it’s still messed up Perdie bad along with my neck and wrist.

RodeoChat: So have you thought about taking some time off to heal up?

Kaleb Van Dixon: not really um my chiropractor says I should but time really is valuable and I can’t afford to lose the practice.

RodeoChat: How do you get yourself prepared for a bull riding event on the weekends?

Kaleb Van Dixon: I don’t have much practice access so I get on my barrel before hand and then it’s all in my head until I get on.

RodeoChat: When you get to a rodeo do you like to be social or stay to yourself?

Kaleb Van Dixon: Oh yeah we all get together and mess around before the bull riding then it starts getting serious and the adrenaline comes.

RodeoChat: Your pretty young in the rodeo circuit.. How are you making a name for yourself & building your fan base?

Kaleb Van Dixon: I just try to do my best and win rodeos like my mom has always said anything worth having is hard work. Just ride for you.

RodeoChat: Do you have any favorite rodeos that you’ve ridden at this year

Kaleb Van Dixon: I love the cottonwood ca. Rodeo and the Corning rodeo.

RodeoChat: Where do you see your bull riding career in the next 10 years?

Kaleb Van Dixon: 10 years I plan on being at least a 2 time PBR world champion.

Thank you so much to all of the Rodeo Chat fans that tuned into tonight’s chat on Twitter! We appreciate your guy’s support so much, and we will see you all again next Monday around 8 PM CT with legendary team roper Leo Camarillo!

– Paige Gregory




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