Professional Saddle Bronc Rider Jim Berry

Saddle bronc rider Jim Berry of Hanna, AB rides Bald Lie of Wayne Vold Rodeo.



( Photo Via – Matt Cohen )

8 Questions with Professional Saddle Bronc Rider Jim Berry

RodeoChat: At what age did you decide that you wanted to ride broncs professionally?

Jim Berry: I started at 18 and then was a work in progress to the point where I am today. Filled my pro card in 2004.

RodeoChat: What steps did you take to get into the PRO level today? For EX: Did you attend any bronc riding schools?

Jim Berry: I rode novice so got to be around some great bronc riders at pro rodeos so just tried to do what they did. I went to a couple of schools but they only help if the horses match the riders ability. 

RodeoChat: You just finished up at the Calgary Stampede out of the days you rode at Calgary Stampede were there days that were harder than the rest?

Jim Berry: The days that it rained where not as nice but anytime you can get on at Calgary Stampede and compete there is great! 

RodeoChat: You were awarded the 2013 Guy Weadick Award at the Calgary Stampede! For those that don’t know what the award is can you explain?

Jim Berry: It is awarded to a cowboy that shows sportsmanship throughout Calgary Stampede. I feel very honoured to receive it.

RodeoChat: When you’re not out on the road, and you get a break from rodeoing.. What kind of things do you like to do in your free time?

Jim Berry: Work full-time @TAQAGLOBAL checking wells in oilfield so it a balancing act between the two right now. When it slows down we have a few horses so I like to ride and working towards being a pickup man. Also rope a bit to.

RodeoChat: How does a pickup man get chosen to help out at certain rodeos? Do they have to call in like the rough stock riders?

Jim Berry: They get chosen by the stock contractor or the rodeo committees and right now there are so many good ones to learn from.

RodeoChat: Who are some pickup men that you look up too?

Jim Berry: I have been to a school of @ReschJeff @ReschJason and Jim Kelts,Gary and Wade Rempel,Wade Grover @darcykh have helped me out. You learn so much by watching and studying things that they do and when and how to do it.

RodeoChat: Last Question! What’s one of your FAV quotes that you like to tell everybody that’s going through a hard time?

Jim Berry: Never give up and Try Harder next time. That is what has helped me along the way. Never give up




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