Professional Bullfighter Brett Monea

10 Questions with Canadian bullfighter Brett Monea


RodeoChat: How did you get into bullfighting?

Brett Monea: Grew up around livestock and team roping all my life. Wanted to be connected to the roughstock side of rodeo. Went to bullfighting school back in 2001.

RodeoChat: Interesting! So did you ever give team roping a shot?

Brett Monea: I local entered some rodeos but my main focus since I went to that school has been bullfighting. 

RodeoChat: Okay, back to Q1! You said you went to a bullfighting school.. What bullfighting school did you attend?

Brett Monea: TJ Baird and Jason Davidson @3DBullriding . Two great bullfighters.

RodeoChat: How has attending a bullfighting school in 01 helped your bullfighting career today?

Brett Monea: The school gave me the basics, then it was learning the hard way. Practice pen after practice pen.

RodeoChat: You just finished up fighting bulls at the Calgary Stampede for your very first time. What was it like Fighting bulls there?

Brett Monea: It was an amazing experience. Walking out into the arena for the 1st time was pretty intense.

RodeoChat: Bullfighters have one of the toughest jobs in the arena. Brett, have you had any crazy wrecks where you were put on hold for a bit?

Brett Monea: All bullfighters have their share of scars. Once you’re hurt bad enough you realize how badly you want something.

RodeoChat: True that! What’s the rest of your summer bullfighting tour look like?

Brett Monea: Have a few PBR & CPRA bullridings left, and also some CPRA rodeos. Jacked about the baby we’re expecting in Sept.

RodeoChat: Wow! Congrats to you & I hope your baby is healthy as can be & brings lots of joy to you & your wife 🙂

Fan Question From Mora Blackberry: Are there any professional ‘she ‘ Bullfighters?

Brett Monea: Here in Canada there are none that I’ am aware of.

RodeoChat: If you could give anyone advice that’s just starting out on their bullfighting career what would it be?

Brett Monea: Go to a good school. Get in front of as many bulls as you can. Try your best. Train mentally & physically in between.

Thanks so much to Brett for taking the time to chat with us on Rodeo Chat tonight! Also, to all of the Rodeo Chat fans.. We couldn’t have done this without you. Thanks for all the RT’S, FAVS, and mentions. Rodeo Chat fans truly rock!

– Paige Gregory


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