Professional Bull Rider: Josh Birks


15 Questions with Professional Bull Rider from Australia – Josh Birks

RodeoChat: How did you get into bull riding?

Josh Birks: My family rodeo so it was just a thing I always did.

RodeoChat: Right, so why bull riding? Was it the risk factor the extreme energy high?

Josh Birks: I’ve always liked the idea of riding bucking horses but they scare me to much so I guess Bull riding was the next thing.

RodeoChat: Would you say buckin horses have helped you perform better on riding bulls? For ex. posture, movement etc..

Josh Birks: I’d have to say no they always hurt me so it never helped me out much at all. 

RodeoChat: So your originally from Australia.. Correct? What made you wanna start riding bulls in Canada?

Josh Birks: That’s right im Aussie. Well Troy Dunn did this in his career as a stepping stone so I thought it was the right place to be.

RodeoChat: So far Canada has treated you well! Care to tell us some of your recent success stories?

Josh Birks: Well last year I won the EPB tittle WPB tittle EPB Canada tittle and this year has been good ice been over 90 3 times so far.

RodeoChat: So you’re a Rodeo Cowboy from Australia.. How hard was it to make a name for yourself in Canada?

Josh Birks: Well to be honest I’m not to sure if I’ve made a name yet but id have to say riding slash might of made a few people ask who I am.

RodeoChat: What’s one Bull Riding event that you would love to ride at that you haven’t had a chance to compete at yet?

Josh Birks: Hands down the PBR world finals in Las Vegas and I’m hoping to change that this year!

RodeoChat: How are you going to achieve that goal of competing at the PBR world finals in Las Vegas?

Josh Birks: By winning the PBR Canada title this year I’ve won a few events lately to put my sites on that goal.

RodeoChat: So Cowboy Christmas is coming up.. What bull ridings/rodeos will you be riding at this year?

Josh Birks: Ponoka ,airdrie and hillmond.

RodeoChat: Where can your fans keep up with you through social media?

Josh Birks: They can find me on Facebook or on my twitter account

Facebook –

Twitter –

Fan Questions:

Alexis Wrigley: Are you going home for the PBR Australian touring events this summer?

Josh Birks: I’d love to but I’m pretty sure they take the top 5 Aussies that are over here so you might see me but I’m not to sure.

Dusty Berezay: : Hey Josh, what has your favorite ride of yours been since you have come to Canada ??

Josh Birks: Well there are two me on slash for 92.5 and bucking fantastic when I first got over here they are both my favorite.

Dusty Berezay: josh, Do you have someone who you have always looked up to in this sport ??

Josh Birks: Troy Dunn and my dad they are the two most cowboy guys I know.

Ty Angland: I am a really big big fan, my question is what are the 5 most important things to riding bulls?

Josh Birks: Hi Ty that’s great to hear we all need supporters I’d say you need a lot of heart good friends and family.

Bianca Birks: what do u think is the difference between bull riding here in Australia compared to Canada?

Josh Birks: I’d have to say the money is a lot higher over here and the range of great bulls over here.

HUGE SHOUTOUT to all of the Rodeo Chat fans that made tonight’s Rodeo Chat another success. Thanks to everyone that helped spread the word about tonight’s RodeoChat by RT’n tweets, and sharing posts with your friends! We appreciate all of your guy’s support! Next week we are taking a break, and we will be back 7/11/13 with another surprise guest! Hope you all have a wonderful and safe 4th of July! Until then.. See y’all soon 😉

– Paige Gregory


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