2013 CNFR Team Roping Champion, and all-round cowboy – Billy Bob Brown

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20100712-181907-pic-227980600_t6079 Questions with College National Finals Rodeo Team Roping Champion Billy Bob Brown

RodeoChat: First off, Congrats on all of your success at the College National Finals Rodeo this year! How does it feel being called an all-Round cowboy, and a team roping champion?

Billy Bob Brown: Thank you, it feels great it’s always been a dream of mine to win both I want to win the Cr next year, but to accomplish those was one of my main accomplishments the AA means a lot to me and to win the team roping with my best friend it was just awesome.

RodeoChat: We are pretty excited to announce that #RodeoChat is global, and draws in NEW rodeo fans from all over the world. For Those that are just learning about team roping.. how could you explain it in 140 characters or less?

Billy Bob Brown: Who can rope the horns and feet the fastest and most consistent all about executing, knowing what you have to do at what time.

RodeoChat: Team Roping is a team sport, and takes a lot of work to find a good partner these days. How did you find Logan Medlin?

Billy Bob Brown: We grew up wanting to rope together and it just finally happened, he’s a great partner, and we have goals we want to accomplish together and having a great work ethic together as a team helps more than you know.

RodeoChat: So you’re an all-round cowboy Billy Bob Brown. Care to explain to the #RodeoChat fans what that title actually means?

Billy Bob Brown: Competing in more than one event, for example you have to get points at the cnfr in at least 2 events. And there’s nothing really to explain the feeling of winning the AA it’s just a major accomplishment I’ve always wanted.

RodeoChat: So now that the CNFR is over.. What’s next for you?

Billy Bob Brown: We have three rodeos this week and then head to Reno for the Bob Fiest, can’t wait for that! 

RodeoChat: Very cool! How are you preparing yourself for the Bob Fiest Invitational roping event?

Billy Bob Brown: Just for the set up it’s longer than where we’ve been so today I scored them out there and just all about controlling your steer for your heeler, you’re going so fast and you just have to break the steer down to help.

RodeoChat: So besides roping, and cruising down the trail what other hobbies do you have?

Billy Bob Brown: We both love to play sports well take a basketball and a baseball with gloves and play in our down time, I love being with my family back home on the ranch and helping dad with the cattle and just hanging out when you can, you really enjoy your time when you get home, my grandpa gets worried his cell phone won’t reach how far we are at times lol so they enjoy when I’m home.

RodeoChat Fan Question from Raeleigh Whitfield: How do you manage the college life, rodeo life, school work, and practicing all of your events as a college student?

Billy Bob Brown: You know it’s not as bad as you think you just have to get in the swing of things, setting up your school schedule is the main thing, I try to have all my classes in the morning and then practice in the evening, it’s all about showing up to class and just doing your work, you just keep things in order there might be days where school work doesn’t let you practice and just rope the dummy, but that’s just the way it is at times, you just learn to manage your time and take care of your business, I have to practice or cr and tr so management is key.

RodeoChat Fan Question From Chelsea: Who was your biggest inspiration to rope! Pro or not!

Billy Bob Brown: My family they said I was born with a rope in my hand and it’s always been my dream, I would always rope people’s feet no matter where we were at, I had a rope everywhere I went and it’s just my passion.

Wanna stay up to date with Billy as he chases the bright lights to Vegas? Follow him on his Twitter account: https://twitter.com/BillyBobBrown23

Thanks so much to Billy Bob Brown, and all of the RodeoChat fans that made tonight’s RodeoChat another HUGE success! We couldn’t of done this without all of your guy’s support! Hope all of you Rodeo Fans have a wonderful, and safe week!

– Paige Gregory



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