Professional Rodeo Cowboy – Casey Colletti

85th Annual Fiesta de los Vaqueros/2010 Tucson RodeoCasey  Colletti

PRCA Rodeo 2012 - Rancho Mission Viejo Rodeo PRCA Bareback Rider

85th Annual Fiesta de los Vaqueros/2010 Tucson Rodeo

Pueblo, CO

9 questions with PRCA Bareback rider Casey Colletti

RodeoChat: How did you get started in riding buckin horses?

Casey Colletti: I started when I was 17. So got a late start. But my dad rode bareback horses for 25 years. So I told him I wanted to try it. So I got on and hung up to my 1st horse! But was entered the next week and had to get on! Won first the next week!! 

RodeoChat: What was it like getting on a buckin horse for your first time? We’re you scared, nervous etc..

Casey Colletti: I was so damn scared but excited!! It was so fast like nothing I ever experienced before!! But I loved it!! 

RodeoChat: So the BIG question is.. What did it take to go from armature to professional? I guess what in trying to ask is.. What steps did it take to reach this Professional level..

Casey Colletti: It was kinda a long trial and error deal for me. I kept at it and worked at it everyday all through high school riding my spur board and staying in shape. Than the best thing I did was stay consistent with my riding. If you want to beat the best you be the best. So I strived to ride right and worked hard at it. I was lucky it came easier for me than some so that helped out a lot. But I just got on many different types of horses In The practice pen.

RodeoChat: How many practice buckers do you get in during the week before you head to a rodeo? Would you say getting on actual buckin horses vs. watch videos is a better way to work your way to the top of the charts?

Casey Colletti: I watched hours and hours and hours of tapes! And yes VHS tapes. Lol and I in visioned it in my head all the time about how to make the perfect ride. Than I would take that to the spur board and then to the practice pen. In all honesty I’ve only been on about 30 practice horses…but I was going to 3-4 rodeos a weekend. So I would almost say it’s more mental for me to ride the best. And I would get sore after the rodeos and didn’t want to get on horses but the spur board did me just fine!

RodeoChat: What are your dreams in the next 5 years for your bareback riding career? Do you plan on riding buckin horses in other countries besides  Canada.. Like Brazil, Australia ?

Casey Colletti: Well the next 5 years I want to be World Champion… A few times! 🙂 lol as other countries never really thought about it! Or I don’t even know if they have rodeos in other countries! But I think that would be fun!!

RodeoChat: So I read somewhere that you love water parks.. Is this true?

Casey Colletti: YES!! I love water parks water sports,wake boarding or just hanging out on the lake!! Usually an amazing time!! we found a new water sport called air chair! Google it it’s awesome!

RodeoChat: Do you have a FAV water park that you like to visit when you get a chance?

Casey Colletti: Ya we always every year stop at I think it’s called roaring rapids in Boise Idaho! We make a special stop and Enter the rodeos around the water park! It’s always during Caldwell, ID. So that one is a must!! 

RodeoChat: Have noticed a lot of the rodeo athletes..Especially bullfighters have filmed road diaries and shared it with their fans. How do you build up your fan base that’s different from a lot of the other rodeo athletes?

Casey Colletti: Social media is a huge deal. I try an sign autographed for anyone who asks and try to talk to everyone. Signing autographs at the many different rodeos across this awesome country is a great way to meet fans and new friends! 

RodeoChat: Before we wrap this chat up.. What’s one of your FAV quotes That you live by & can inspire others..

Casey Colletti: Well there are a bunch that I like but the few that stick are if you want the best you gotta train and act like best. and that’s just saying basically surround yourself with great positive people and work hard for everything. And than I always think about wedding crashers. Hahaha rule #76 no excuses play like a champion!!

We wanna thank all of the Rodeo Chat fans for taking the time to join us tonight on Twitter! For those of you that couldn’t make tonight’s Rodeo Chat, I hope you enjoy this RECAP I posted for all of you Rodeo fans! Also, wanna send a HUGE shout out to our Rodeo Guest tonight Casey Colletti for taking the time out of his busy schedule to chat with us tonight! Hope you all have a wonderful week, and stay tuned for our next Rodeo Chat recap next Monday!

– Paige Gregory                                                                 


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