Redneck Pastor, Veteran bullfighter.


12 Questions with Redneck Pastor

RodeoChat: How did you get involved with fighting bulls?

Redneck Pastor: I was managing a western wear store here in Texas and my friends rode bulls they talked me into

RodeoChat: So you were a sales person working the racks, and your friends came up to & asked & you said yes with no hesitations?

Redneck Pastor: Something like that, I grew up on a ranch and was around livestock pretty much my whole life.

RodeoChat: Did you try out any other rodeo events besides fighting bulls?

Redneck Pastor: Yes, I rode bulls early in my career, but I got tired of paying entry fees and felt it was better to get paid regardless Lol.

RodeoChat: So how did you book your bullfights? Did the rodeo you or did you have to call in & book the event?

Redneck Pastor: Back in the day, stock contractors booked me and word of mouth as well.

RodeoChat: Back when you were fighting bulls how did you build up your rep & make a name for yourself in the rodeo industry..

Redneck Pastor: Being on TV with Mesquite Championship Rodeo and Don Gay. I also knew people from working in the Western Wear Industry.

RodeoChat: Woo! That’s so dang cool. What was it like working with Don Gay?

Redneck Pastor: He was a super cool guy , who loved telling Rodeo Stories! He could talk for hours. Great Guy!

RodeoChat: What made you stand out from the rest of the Rodeo Cowboys?

Redneck Pastor: I think it was my heart, When a Cowboy was “hung up”, I was fearless. I took many hookings in my day to save a Cowboy.

RodeoChat: Did you have a favorite move you liked to make in the arena?

Redneck Pastor: I loved to entertain the crowd. I would usually try to “Jump” the bull after the last rider of the night.

RodeoChat: Now that you’re not fighting bulls anymore.. What are you doing now? What’s new?

Redneck Pastor: I am a Pastor now. God has blessed me.

RodeoChat: Amen! You were telling me earlier that you help with another group that attend your church.. Tell us some info about that.

Redneck Pastor: try to support Cowboys for Christ. I tend to be supportive of Christian Cowboys. Cause I know it’s hard out on the road.

RodeoChat: Right! If you give a Christian Cowboy any advice that’s Chasin the dream for that buckle in Vegas.. What would it be?

Redneck Pastor: Stay grounded and know that God has a plan, never give up and give God all the Glory.

RodeoChat: Summer is in full swing! Do you have any fun summer plans?

Redneck Pastor: Not really just teach my oldest to drive and be the best Dad I can to all my kids.

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Hope you all enjoyed last night’s RodeoChat with Veteran Bullfighter Redneck Pastor! That’s it for Rodeo Chat this week.. We hope you all have a great rest of the week, and be sure to drink lot’s of water it’s gettin HOT out there!

Paige Gregory


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