#RodeoChat 5/7/2013 Professional Bull Rider Matt Triplett

matt triplett

RodeoChat: At what age did you say Hey I wanna start riding bulls?

Matt Triplett:  I started riding steers at age 8 and got into bull riding at age 11,  my dad was the one that introduced me

RC: Right, so when did you get that title as a “Professional Bull Rider”?

MT: Right after high school I started riding at pro events

RC: So you got the Professional Title right after high school.. What professional event did you attend first PRCA or PBR?

MT: initially I started doing PRCA and a year later started entering PBR events

RC: Alright,the PBR is like the A list of bull riding.What’s it like riding bulls with some of the top bull riders in the world?

MT:  it is such an emotional high, I can’t describe in words

RC: So your in Idaho this week preparing for Vegas. Correct? Care to tell us how you’re getting yourself ready for last cowboy standing..

MT: I am hanging  out at the silver spring bucking bull ranch, practice bulls are key for what is coming up.

RC: where do you see your bull riding career in the next 5 years?

In the next 5 years I see my career being one of the top 30 PBR riders in the world.

RC: Beside riding practice bulls during the week..How else do u prepare yourself for a bull riding on the weekend?

MT: I do so by working out, eating right, and doing lots of stretching to maintain flexibility.

RC: What’s your summer plans for your bull riding career like? Gonna travel to any new rodeos out of the states?

MT: Where all of the touring Pro PBR, that’s where I will be. You can look on the PBR website for further info.

RC: What’s the best way your fans can keep up with you going down the road?

MT: Add me on Facebook to follow me. I check Facebook daily. Link: https://www.facebook.com/matt.triplett.71?ref=ts&fref=ts

P.S – Check out this RANK ride matt drew in New Town, ND!


Thank you so much to everyone that stook with us through all of the technology problems we were having tonight. I hope all the Rodeo Chat fans enjoyed tonight’s #RodeoChat on Twitter. Hope yall have a great rest of the week!


– Paige


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