#RodeoChat 5/6/13 PRCA Bull Rider Cody Whitney

Whitney Full Body Gear 2212

RodeoChat: So you started riding steers at the age of 8 according to the @ProRodeo website (http://www.prorodeo.com/Profile.aspx?xu=699). From riding steers, to becoming a professional.. What steps did it take to get where you’re at today?

Cody Whitney: Lots of practice and lots of bruises

RC: What was some of the hardest battles you had to overcome in order to make it as a professional bull rider?

CW: The hardest battle would most likely be knowing if I was really good enough to compete with the top guys.

RC: Would you say today’s bull riding industry is tougher or easier to compete in?

CW: I think that’s a two-sided question parts are easier and other parts are harder.

RC: How do you prepare yourself for a big event like the NFR for example.. ?

CW: Everybody gets ready for a big event differently.. I choose to treat it like any other event. You are still doing the same thing you have done all year so no need to over think it.

RC: Congrats on Placing 3RD in Guymon, OKLA! Looks like your year is starting to pick up. What bull riding are you off to next?

cw: Thanks! I hope your right. Head to Texas for 3 rodeos this week Jasper, Crockett, and Mineral wells.

RC: Are you one of those guys that likes to get on practice bulls before an event.. Or do you prefer to watch videos?

CW: I feel like i’ve done it long enough now that I should know what to do. But if I need to practice I will.

RC : Some rodeo cowboys say Justin Boots are the best to ride in along with Tony Lama. What’s your go to bull riding boots?

CW: I use ariat lace ups. But for the right price I’ll wear anything.. #JustSaying

RC: When your on the road traveling to rodeos do you try to eat healthy? Or whatever sounds good you’ll eat lol.

CW: At almost all the rodeos they feed us pretty good.  But, when were on the road we grab something fast.

RC: Who do you travel with these days down the rodeo trail?

CW: Kind of a lone wolf but I’ll jump in with Trevor Kastner or Corey Navarre when I can.

RC: I’ve noticed that a lot of the Professional Bull Riders are riding bulls in other countries come this summer. Do you plan on riding bulls in another country this summer?

CW: I would go to Calgary Stampede if they call other than that I stay in the states.

RC: Have you tried out any other rodeo events before besides bull riding:

CW: In High school I rode saddle broncs and team roped. Was scared of bucking horses and didn’t rope good enough.

RC: So what do you think about Shane Proctor riding saddle bronc? Would you ever reconsider and try saddle bronc riding again?

CW: He does what he wants. Yeah, I might try it again.

For those of you who are wanting to keep up with Cody Whitney down the rodeo trail.. Can check him out on his twitter page: http://www.twitter.com/whitneycody

Well that’s a wrap Rodeo Chat fans! But, we have one more Rodeo Chat tomorrow night with PBR bull rider, and PBR Touring Pro Division bull rider Matt Triplett from Columbia Falls, Montana! Rodeo Chat, will kick off tomorrow night at 8 PM CT and you can join in on the chat here: http://www.twitter.com/RodeoChat

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