Professional Team Roper Jim Ross Cooper

Jim Ross Cooper

For those of you that missed tonight’s RodeoChat with Professional Team Roper Jim Ross Cooper here is the recap..

Question 1: Why Team Roping? What made you wanna become a team roper?

 I was too little to flank calves at an early age. Plus family always team roped.  Just grew up doing it.

Question 2: Out of all the team ropers in your family.. Who was your biggest inspiration that pushed you harder to be a better team roper?

Definitely my dad.  He allowed me to choose what I wanted to do. His #1 rule was : if its worth doing, do it right & practice hard.

Question 3: So I noticed that in team roping you’re a heeler. Why did you decide you wanted to be a heeler vs. a header?

I started off heading at 8 years old and switched 2 heeling at 13 or 14.  Everyone in my family headed, so they needed heelers.

Question 4: You’re at the NFR, and you’re getting ready to back into the box.. What kind of things are going through your mind?

Hopefully nothing. As a heeler, my reactions are what I rely on. So I just try to be confident and have faith ill do my job well.

Question 5: Loved the interview you did with Spin To Win Rodeo Magazine a few weeks ago. In the interview you talked about your horses. Hows your new horse Primo adjusting to the circuit?

He’s been doing really well. When he learns how to make me catch every steer, ill call him great.

Question 6: How big does a roping horse need to be to fit your style?

I usually like a bigger heel horse, but it mostly depends on the particular horse.  I think 15 hands is about right, able to take the punishment.  All the hauling is hard on them at times. 

Question 7: In your team roping career where have you traveled the farthest to for a roping event?

Guadalajara, Mexico for a roping school and jackpot.  Great people down there.  Quite a few good ropers.

Question 8: Being a team roper do you find it harder to get sponsors or easier?

We get more exposure because of the jackpots.. But Not sure if its easier or harder being a Team Roper. Never been anything else.

Question 9: What’s one thing about you that makes you stand out from all of the other team ropers?

I’m one of the very few Red Headed team ropers in the world.

Question 10: Do you have any traveling partners that you travel with down the road?

Have a good friend of mine Dustin Debusk that goes with me most of the time.  Lots of guys catch rides or go together at times 

Question 11: What’s your summer plans look like?

Rope good, win some $$$ and try to enjoy another year!

Question 12: You just finished up at Red Bluff last weekend. Where are you headed next this weekend?

Roping in Clovis California this week, then off to guymon, ok next week.

Hope y’all have a wonderful weekend!

– Paige Gregory


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