George Strait Team Roping Classic Champion Garrett Tonozzi

Question 1: How did you get into Team Roping?

I come from a family of ropers. My uncle was a 9 time NFR qualifier and my granddad also team ropes.

Question 2: Out of all the Ropers in your family.. Which one inspires you the most?

I would have to say my uncle was! He has been my hero since I was a kid.

Question 3: So part of team roping is having a great horse. Tell us a little bit about your horses you use at your ropings?

I have 2 horses this year that are both really good and have me very excited for the rest of the ropings and rodeos!

Question 4: How many years did it take you to win the George Strait Team Roping Classic Championship? And what was the winning time you had to beat to win the event?

I have been going there since 2004. I think me and Dugan were some kind of 15 on 3 head.

Question 5: I’ve noticed that there’s been a couple of team ropers changing partners recently. Have you always kept the same partner?

I try much as possible. I started roping this year with York Gill and plan on finishing the year with him.

Question 6: How do you get yourself prepared for a team roping event? For example: an event like the George Strait Team Roping Classic event.

Right before a big roping like the George Strait Team Roping Classic Event I really practice for my horse and make sure he is working good.

Question 7: Is there any team roping events that you’d like to compete at that you haven’t had a chance to run at yet?

No not really. Usually big ropings are the same time as the big rodeos so I have been to pretty much all of them.

Question 8: Have you tried any other rodeo events besides team roping?

I have calf roped a little bit but not really at a pro level.

Question 9: Besides the long drives to a team roping. What are some other difficult challenges that come a long with team ropings?

Question 10: Last question! Where can your all of your fans keep up to date on your team roping events?

The toughest thing and most important thing is keeping a really good horse under you.

Thanks so much Garrett Tonozzi for taking the time to chat with us on RodeoChat tonight! We wish you safe travels to your next team roping event! HUGE shout out to all of our RodeoChat fans that joined us on a Monday night! Hope y’all have a great rest of the week 😉



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– Paige Gregory


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