PBR Bull Rider Jory Markiss Recap 4/10/13

Question 1: What got you interested in being a bull rider?

The Excitement. I love pushing myself and what a better way to be then to strap cattle.

Question 2: What’s your favorite bull you’ve been on in your bull riding career?

Fairy Tail Tattoo of Boyd and Floyd.

Question 3: What are some things you like to do when you get a break from riding bulls?

Extreme sports, surfing, wake boarding, and bud light.

Question 4: So I heard about that kick ass donkey wreck. Have y’all made up or did you get rid of it?

The donkey is out on pasture waiting for another wild night in Stephenville. I think his leg healed up just fine from kicking me.

Question 5: This is a fan question from @Native_Cowgirl Do you plan on riding at the PBR Bismarck event this summer in June?

You bet I do! I’ll be helping with a school out there.

Question 6: Fan Question from @JinxClower Who made your chaps?

Austin Graham out of California Outlaw Leather.

Question 7: Do you have a favorite event that you like to ride at?

Stephenville, TX  – Dallas, TX – Iron Cowboy – Rocky – Las Vegas!

Question 8: Fan Question from @JeanineLeiting Did you always want to be a bull rider, and what age did you get on your first bull?

No, I didn’t always want to but when I did I was hooked. I was 15 year’s old when I got on my first bull and won my first event.

Question 9: What does it take to keep yourself in shape?

All the above! Health diet, workout and a positive out look on life knowing you better yourself everyday.

Question 10: Most Memorable ride?

90 1/2 weekend before last on Whiskey Rebel at the spring fling.

Question 11: Who is someone you look up to in your bull riding career?

Douglas Duncan, Stormy Wing, Ty Pozzobon, Randy Quartieri.

Question 12: What’s one thing about you that is least like a cowboy?

I’m not sure there is.

Question 13: Fan Question from @JinxClower  Who was your bull riding hero, when you were a kid?

Justin McBride.

Question 14: Fan question from all of the lady’s especially @BackyardCowgirl ! They wanna know if your single or taken?

Taken by bull riding, and also single for some hot ladies!

Huge shout out to everyone that joined tonight’s RodeoChat, and sent fan questions in! Also, another huge shout out out to our guest tonight PBR bull rider Jory Markiss for taking time out of practice to chat with us for an hour. I hope everyone has a safe & relaxing weekend!

– Paige Gregory


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