4/3/13 – RodeoChat Recap PRO bull rider Tanner Bothwell

Question 1: Who or what determined your decision to be a bull rider?

I guess my dad rode bulls, and I was always around it when I was little and always kind of wanted to be like him.

Question 2: So your dad helped you kick-start your bull riding career. In what ways did he guide you into winning pro rodeos?

He just kinda taught me to stick to the basics, and to believe in myself that I can win anywhere that I go.

Question 3: Your story is kind of interesting.. You started out in Wrestling before you took riding bulls seriously.. How has being a wrestler helped your bull riding career?

It kept me in good shape. And the biggest thing I think it did for me was teach me a lot about mental toughness.

Question 4: Fan question from @browdie – Do you have a favorite bull that you’ve been on that stood from the rest of the stock?

I had a practice bull named “Sand Dancer” that I loved getting on, but I don’t know I’ve been on a bunch that I liked!

Question 5: How do you get yourself prepared for a bull riding? Do you attend a yoga class? The gym?

I try to get on some practice bulls, and do a lot of theraband exercises and some push-ups and stuff to stay fit. 

Question 6: How do you build your fan base up as a bull rider in the Rodeo industry?

I guess you just try to be nice to people, treat them with respect and attend the autograph sessions.

Question 7: What’s your summer plans look like? Will you be hitting up a lot of PRCA or Xtreme events?

Yeah, I plan on going to a bunch of pro rodeos and hopefully some more Xtreme bulls! Probably a few PBR events as well.

Question 8: Where do you see your bull riding career in the next 5 years?

Hopefully at the NFR multiple times and winning a world championship!

Question 9: Where can the #RodeoChat fans keep up with you at through Social Media?

I try to post videos and sometimes pictures from the rodeos on my Facebook page to keep fans updated on how I’m doing.

For those of you wanting to stay up to date with Tanner Bothwell check him out on these social media sites:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tanner.bothwell1?group_id=0

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Sayiwont2x

We wanna thank our RodeoChat guest Tanner Bothwell for taking the time to chat with us tonight on RodeoChat! And, we wish Tanner happy trails to his next Bull Ride! To the RodeoChat fans.. Thank you all for tuning into RodeoChat tonight, and for all of the shout out’s, mentions, and Favs! On my behalf, I wish you all a fun & safe weekend ahead of you!

– Paige Gregory




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