Wrestler by day; bull rider by night..


It takes guts & glory to get in the middle of the ring wether if it’s for wrestling or riding bulls. Tanner Bothwell, has accepted the challenge and he has succeeded. Tanner, was the 2008 little britches world champion and 2008 State JR. High Champion. Not to mention, in 2011 Tanner was the state high school champion in South Dakota! Some of today’s top PRO Rodeos have treated Tanner well! For Example: Cave Creek PRO Rodeo (WON), and Lubbock, Texas (2ND)!


Here’s the catch y’all.. Tanner wrestled first before he got real serious with riding bulls. But, in 2007 at the sweet age of 12 is when Tanner got on his first bull. You see, Tanner was the High School Wrestling Champion in 2009 and 2012! Now a days you can catch Tanner on the back of a bull on his college rodeo team in Goodwell, Oklahoma! Or you can catch Tanner cruising down the road heading to a PRCA Rodeo to a town near you (Check out Tanner’s Twitter page @Sayiwont2X) for the next bull ride he’s heading too!


You can join me on RodeoChat THIS Wednesday at 8 PM CT as I chat with this strong, tough Rodeo Cowboy Tanner Bothwell! Use/Follow #RodeoChat on Twitter to join in on the chat!


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