You only live once, and Hunter Jones is living it up and making a name for himself the only way he knows how.. And that is Fighting bulls!

As you may all know.. The life of a bullfighter isn’t easy.  Hunter Jones, is only 15 and he’s making a name for himself through his own tracks starting out in Oklahoma.

Hunter Jones is only 15 years old, and he’s already got quite of a few BIG bullfighting events under his belt. For Example:  Hunter, had the chance to fight bulls with Shorty Gorham at the PBR Iron Cowboy. Also, Hunter just finished up at the bull derby this past weekend fighting bulls.  Hunter, may have only been in the bullfighting industry for 2 1/2 years but he’s already learned TONS from some of today’s bullfighting pro’s such as: Ross Hill, Cody Webster, and Evan Allard whose got Hunter in the Mexican Fighting Cattle business. Not only does Hunter fight protection matches in the arena.. Hunter, is also a free style bullfighter that craves showing off his moves to the crowd and gaining a new fan base. Social Media, is a HUGE way for Hunter to build his rep.. And, building up his REP he’s already done on one of our favorite podcasts the Makin 8 Network! Scot Mesick, interviewed the young bullfighter during his protection match at the Iron Cowboy! You can listen to the Interview done by Scott Mesick from the PBR Iron Cowboy ( HERE: )


( Hunter being interviewed by Scot Mesick at the PBR Iron Cowboy )

So, what does Hunter crave about fighting bulls? Is Hunter the one guy to be able to make the Freestyle bullfighting industry climb to the top of the charts? Who knows, but I do know one thing for sure.. You can check out Hunter Jones THIS Thursday (March 28TH) over on RodeoChat on Twitter ( at 8 PM CT!

– Paige Gregory


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